Norwegian Army Iveco LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle)
Norwegian Army Iveco LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle)

Norwegian Government Supplies 14 Iveco Light Armoured Vehicles to Ukraine

The Norwegian Government has announced the donation of 14 Iveco light multirole vehiclea (LAV III) to Ukraine. The armoured patrol vehicles in demand by the Ukrainian forces are similar to the ones used by Norwegian troops in Afghanistan. The Iveco light multirole vehicle will offer mobility and high protection levels to the Ukrainian troops. In 2018 CNH Industrial’s defence and civil protection division Iveco Defence Vehicles has delivered the last tranche of the fourth generation light armoured vehicles (LAVs) for the Norwegian Army. The Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA) received the delivery of 62 LAVs at Iveco headquarters in Bolzano, Italy.

Iveco LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle) is a 4WD tactical vehicle developed by Iveco, and in service with several countries. After its adoption by the Italian Army as the Veicolo-Tattico-Leggero-Multiruolo (VTLM) Lince (“Light tactical multirole vehicle Lynx”), it won the Future Command and Liaison Vehicle (FCLV) competition of the British Army as the Panther, but the fleet was put up for sale in 2018. It has been adopted by the armies of Albania, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Norway, Russia and Spain. The Italian Army took vehicles to both Afghanistan and Lebanon. In Afghanistan, Lince vehicles have saved passengers’ lives in several attacks with IEDs.

Norwegian Army Iveco LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle) (Photo by Forsvaret)

The LMV uses modular armour packs to adjust its level of protection to its mission requirements. In regards to mine protection, the vehicle’s ground clearance has been increased to 493 mm without increasing the overall height (less than 2 meters); it also uses suspended seats of aeronautical derivation, v-hull under body, and a collapsible sandwich structure in the floor to deflect and absorb mine blasts. Its exhaust is piped through its C-pillars, and its turbocharger is located underneath the engine to reduce its thermal signature. Mobility is helped by a run-flat system, allowing the vehicle to move even with completely deflated tires.

The LAV III is an upgraded version of the Iveco light multirole vehicle (LMV), a four-wheel-drive, purpose-built military vehicle that can be operated in both protected and unprotected states. Upgrades include the integration of the new driveline, which provides improved performance and an enhanced air filtration system. The crew cell has been refurbished to improve crew ergonomics and increase the internal capacity of the vehicle. New seats, a modern dashboard and an upgraded hardtop have also been installed. It helps address the current and future requirements of the Norwegian Army in relation to its performance, mobility and crew protection.