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Polish Company Works 11 Showcased MD 500 Light Attack Helicopter at MSPO 2021


At this year’s International Defence Industry Exhibition, Works 11 presents the MD 500 reconnaissance and light attack helicopter. This is the first presentation in Poland. This year’s International Defence Industry Exhibition is held in Targi Kielce from 7 to 10 September 2021. Works 11 had applied for technical dialogue with Poland’s Armaments Inspectorate for the supply of 32 multi-task helicopters within the Perkoz [Grebe] programme to replace Soviet-era Mi-2 helicopters. The new helicopters are intended to enable combat support with the possibility of introducing advanced aviation, command and electronic recognition and warfare training.

The MD Helicopters MD 500 series is an American family of light utility civilian and military helicopters from the producer of the “Littlebird” platform. These products are intended to be used by Special Forces, Airborne Forces and other military formations. The helicopter acquisition and maintenance costs are a fraction of the amounts necessary to secure the operations of the platforms currently used by potential users. The MD 500 was developed from the Hughes 500, a civilian version of the US Army’s OH-6A Cayuse/Loach. The series currently includes the MD 500E, MD 520N, and MD 530F.

MD 530F Cayuse Warrior reconnaissance and light attack helicopter
MD 530F Cayuse Warrior reconnaissance and light attack helicopter

The MD 500 series began life in response to a U.S. Army requirement for a Light Observation Helicopter (LOH). The subsequent OH-6 Cayuse first flew in February 1963. The 500 series design features shock-absorbing landing skid struts, a turboshaft engine mounted at a 45-degree angle toward the rear of the cabin pod, a fuel tank cell under the floor and the battery in the nose. The engine exhaust port is located at the end of the cabin pod underneath the tailboom. It has a short-diameter main rotor system and a short tail, giving it agile control response and is less susceptible to weather-cocking.

WORKS 11 is an entity specializing in the trade of products for military and police purposes since 2005. The company have a wide assortment of products addressed to all types of armed forces and uniformed services in the country and abroad. The basis of company activity is to ensure proper communication between the manufacturer, supplier of armaments and the end user, which leads to the provision of the highest quality of services and guaranteeing the greatest customer satisfaction. Along with the development of the company, they established extensive contacts in Poland, Europe, the USA and the Middle East, which enabled us to offer high quality products optimally suited to the current needs of the user, at the same time responding to the latest global trends.

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