Polaris Defense MRZR
Polaris Defense MRZR

Polaris Defense MRZR

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The Polaris Defense MRZR is a highly mobile, multi-configurable, off-road vehicle from MRZR range of vehicles developed by Polaris Industries. The vehicle can be rapidly deployed in missions even in the most difficult terrains. The MRZR vehicles are currently in service with the US and allied forces in more than 20 countries. Designed and engineered from the ground-up by Polaris Defense, these vehicles were built for today’s operator. The MRZR comes in four flavors, MRZR 2 (2 man + Gas powered), MRZR 4 (4 man + Gas powered) MRZR D2 (2 man + Turbo diesel powered) and MRZR D4 (4 man + Turbo diesel powered). The Polaris Defense MRZR vehicles are specially designed for a wide range of uses, such as border patrol, rapid personnel deployment, command and control, and supply transport missions.

Polaris Defense MRZR 2

The Polaris MRZR vehicle incorporates a tubular frame and a conventional layout with engine in the front, crew seats in the middle and cargo compartment at the rear. The roll cage can be collapsed without tools to reduce the vehicle height. The vehicle offers seating for four troops and can accommodate up to six infantrymen when fitted with two optional rearward-facing seats on the cargo bed. The rear modular cargo section can support the installation of up to two seats/litters or a single seat and a litter. The seats are provided with four-point harnesses with a quick-release latch. The roof can be optionally fitted with soft cover.
Polaris Defense MRZR 4

With its modular, air-transportable and agile off-road design, the MRZR has been used for missions ranging from rapid personnel deployment to command and control, casualty evacuation to supply transport missions, and more. Forged from 60+ years of off-road innovation, the MRZR delivers world-class off-road mobility. To be as expeditionary as the warfighters that use them, MRZR vehicles are designed for easy air-transport. Engineered with a roll cage that folds on the hood without tools and air-craft tie down points connected to the frame, it has been certified for internal air transport in a V-22, H-53, and H-47. MRZRs have also been proven for sling load or air drop thanks to their ultra-light vehicle weight and design.
Polaris Defense MRZR D2

With feedback from military operators around the world, the MRZR has been fine tuned with features that make the vehicle more durable and effective for their mission:

  • Full underbody skid plate and front bumper for durability in harsh terrain
  • Polaris 3,500 lb winch to maneuver challenging terrain
  • Blackout drive and IR capable for night time ops
  • 4-point harness seat belts with quick release
Polaris Defense MRZR D4