The Second Norinco Armor Day


Some of China’s latest and most advanced armored vehicles were put on display at the Second Norinco Armor Day in Baotou, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Wednesday. It is the first time this equipment has appeared in public. Exhibitors showed off the VT4 MBT-3000 main battlle tank’s new operation system which makes driving more comfortable with better mobility. These China-developed vechiles have been made less vulnerable to landmines.
The China North Industries Corporation, officially abbreviated as Norinco, is a Chinese company that manufactures vehicles (trucks, cars and motorcycles), machinery, optical-electronic products, oil field equipment, chemicals, light industrial products, explosives and blast materials, civil and military firearms and ammunition. Norinco is also involved in domestic civil construction projects.
Norinco is also known outside of China for its high-tech defense products. Norinco produces precision strike systems, amphibious assault weapons and equipment, long-range suppression weapon systems, anti-aircraft & anti-missile systems, information & night vision products, high-effect destruction systems, fuel air bombs, anti-riot equipment and small arms.
Video by CGTN
The Second Norinco Armor Day

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