Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems to Begin Raptor Rocket Launcher Production

Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems has developed a new shoulder-fired rocket launcher designated as Raptor (Terminator-AT). Jadara wanted to develop a wholly made-in-Jordan rocket launcher that offered an enhanced range and armour penetration over existing systems in its portfolio. Raptor will use the same scope used in the RPG-32 because the company do not want to diversify the scopes used in their products and the RPG-32 is a great sight that achieves the desired goal. The first RPG-32 grenade launchers were to be delivered to Jordan from Russia in 2008, and it was planned that the RPG-32 and its ammunition produced in Jordan under license at the JADARA factory.

Raptor uses the same reusable sighting system as Jadara’s Nashshab RPG-32 but has a new 107 mm rocket. The GS-2R sight has a laser rangefinder that enables it to calculate ballistic trajectories and project a reticle aim-point for the operator for improved accuracy. The Raptor can engage targets at ranges between 50 and 500 m and has an all-up weight of 14 kg, with the 38 cm-long launcher unit weighing 3 kg and the rocket weighing 5.6 kg. When fitted with the rocket tube, the Raptor measures 1,073 mm in length. The data states that the launcher has an operational life of up to 200 rounds.

Terminator’s shares a lot in common with Korsar or Corsar made by Luch Design Bureau in Ukraine. Korsar’s appearance and specifications suggests a transfer of technology between Luch and Jadara occurred in the last few years and this resulted in the Terminator. The RK-3 Korsar or Corsar is a Ukrainian portable anti-tank guided missile developed by “Luch” State Kyiv Design Bureau. The state foreign trade enterprise Ukrinmash delivered components to assemble 107mm guided anti-tank missiles with a tandem cumulative PK-3K warhead manufactured by KB “Luch” for licensed assembly in Jordan.

Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems was originally established as a joint venture of the infamous design Bureau named after king Abdullah II’s (King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau – KADDB) and Jordan by the Jordanian Company Al-Motakhasesah for Electronic Services for serial Assembly in Jordan Russian handheld anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-32 “Hashim” (Jordanian designation Nashshab) development of JSC “NPO “Basalt”. The assembly of the RPG-32 for the Jordanian armed forces was started at Jadara Equipment and Defense Systems in 2013, and since then the company has been trying to expand its product line.