GDELS SIAC 155/52 Caliber Towed Howitzer


The SIAC is a state of the art 155/52 caliber towed howitzer with self-propelled capabilities thanks to its integrated APU (Auxiliary Power Unit).This advanced design meets the most demanding requirements of modern field artillery and coastal defense missions. It features rapid deployability, excellent first round hit probability and a swift “shoot and scoot” capability for higher survivability.
The Automatic Gun Laying System (AGLS), the Digital Navigation Aiming and Pointing System (DINAPS) and the Fully Automatic Ramming System (FIRS) are integrated in the SIAC to provide superior performance on the battlefield. The first two can be also integrated in other indirect weapon systems (mortar, rocket launchers, etc.).
The ballistic computer provides fast fire data for all NATO compatible ammunition and offers ranges of over 40km and up to 60 km. The weapon systems offer maximum burst rates per minute and high MRSI (Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact).
GDELS SIAC 155/52 Caliber Towed Howitzer

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