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Steel Front Enhances Bradley Fighting Vehicles with New Protective Screens


Steel Front Enhances Bradley Fighting Vehicles with New Protective Screens

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Steel Front Enhances Bradley Fighting Vehicles with New Protective Screens
Steel Front Enhances Bradley Fighting Vehicles with New Protective Screens

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the deployment of Bradley Fighting Vehicles by the United States has significantly bolstered Ukrainian defenses against Russian aggression. These vehicles, known for their durability, mobility, and firepower, have proven invaluable on the battlefield. However, they are not without vulnerabilities, particularly to drone attacks and turret disruptions. To address these threats, Rinat Akhmetov’s Steel Front initiative, through Metinvest, has begun producing specialized steel screens designed to protect the Bradleys. These protective screens are set to undergo testing within a week, marking a crucial step in enhancing the combat readiness of these vehicles. The Steel Front screens are meticulously engineered to completely enclose critical areas of the Bradley Fighting Vehicles, including the turret, engine compartment, and potential drone entry points.

This comprehensive coverage aims to prevent drones from infiltrating and disabling the vehicles or disrupting their turrets. The design and manufacturing process has been driven by constant feedback from soldiers on the ground, ensuring that the screens meet their practical needs and combat conditions. The Bradley Fighting Vehicles have consistently demonstrated their reliability and versatility across various operations, from executing rescue missions under heavy fire to serving as formidable combat units. The integration of the Steel Front screens further enhances these capabilities, providing an additional layer of protection and ensuring that Ukrainian forces can continue to rely on these vehicles in the face of evolving threats.

Oleksandr Myronenko, Chief Operating Officer of Metinvest Group, said, “The use of drones in Ukraine today is unprecedented: it wasn’t the case in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere. That’s why there is no experience in protecting vehicles from drone attacks. Once we get feedback from the military from the tests of the first shields, we will refine them and scale up production, providing our soldiers with more protection.The ongoing support from the US, which includes advanced vehicles like the Bradley, as well as wide-ranging support for Ukrainian companies, underscores the world’s collaborative efforts to fortify Ukraine’s defence and support us in this war. As a Ukrainian business, we are very clear that we also need to do everything we can to support our soldiers by making them as safe as possible.”

Moreover, the Steel Front initiative is not limited to Bradleys alone. The same protective screens are also being developed and deployed for other critical combat vehicles, including the American M1 Abrams and Soviet-era T-64 and T-72 tanks. This comprehensive approach to vehicle protection underscores the importance of innovative defensive measures in modern warfare. As the first samples of the Steel Front screens are tested, the Ukrainian forces and their allies remain committed to adapting and improving their defensive strategies, ensuring that they can effectively counter the threats posed by the ongoing conflict.

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