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German Armed Forces Orders Up to 6,500 Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles


German Armed Forces Orders Up to 6,500 Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles

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German Armed Forces Orders Up to 6,500 Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles
German Armed Forces Orders Up to 6,500 Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles

Rheinmetall has been given the largest order in the company`s history concerning logistic vehicles by the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). The framework-contract was now signed in Koblenz and incorporates the delivery of up to 6,500 military trucks, valued up to €3.5bn incl. VAT. After the budget committee of the Federal German Parliament had approved funding on 26 June 2024, the contract with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) was signed on 1 July 2024 by the President of the BAAINBw, Annette Lehnigk-Emden and the Management of RMMV. A first call-off for over 610 vehicles, valued at €312m incl. VAT is imminent, of which 250 trucks are to be delivered in 2024. The financing of this call is mainly based on the special funds of the Bundeswehr. Rheinmetall AG will book the order in the third quarter of 2024 of the current fiscal year. This framework-contract allows the Bundeswehr to flexibly order further quantities of already introduced unprotected transportation vehicles UTF 5t and UTF 15t-trucks for seven years. In addition to that, a new vehicle category will be introduced via the framework-contract: the 4×4 UTF 3.5t. It has a maximum of identical parts to the UTF family.

“The extremely short period of four months from the invitation to tender to the signature of the contract underlines once more that the turning point for procuring logistic trucks has been introduced”, says Armin Papperger, CEO Rheinmetall AG. “We are thankful for the trust in the products of Rheinmetall.”

“The framework-contract is an essential contribution to a fast fulfillment of demand by the logistic forces of the Bundeswehr”, states Michael Wittlinger, Chairman of the management of Rheinmetall Military Vehicles GmbH. “The standardized vehicle family and the uniformity with vehicles of other beneficiary nations establish the HX-vehicles as the main logistic vehicles within NATO and set a standard for interoperability and logistic efficiency within the Alliance. Once again, this order reflects our leading role in the global market for logistic vehicles.”

Already, the Ungeschützte Transportfahrzeug (UTF)-family has been contributing significantly to the performance of logistic units of the Bundeswehr. In July 2017, the Bundeswehr placed an order at Rheinmetall MAN for the delivery of the new family “UTF military all-terrain with 5t and 15t load capacity categories”. The UTFs are a show-case project which, especially within the procurement, has opened new ways. This was the first time that flexible framework agreements with large quantities have been concluded. Since 2017, more than 6,000 HX vehicles will be delivered to the Bundeswehr by the end of 2024, together with the swap-body loader systems (Wechselladersystem or WLS) and 70t tractor units. A large proportion of the added value at WLS and UTF – over 75 percent – is created in Germany. UTF and WLS are based on the robust HX-family of RMMV. From the beginning, it was designed for military use and is characterized by high mobility, also in heavy terrain. The large world-wide distribution of the HX-vehicle family offers major advantages concerning interoperability and logistics, especially with respect to multinational missions. In addition to Germany, the user group currently includes the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Singapore, Slovenia, Denmark and Ukraine. The newly placed order highlights the high acceptancy of the tried-and-tested HX-vehicles of which about 20,000 are already in use world-wide.

Rheinmetall AG is a German automotive and arms manufacturer, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Group was promoted to the DAX, Germany’s leading share index, in March 2023. It is the fifth largest arms manufacturer in Europe, and produces a variety of armored fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, in both wheeled and tracked versions. As an integrated technology group, the listed company Rheinmetall AG stands for a company that is as strong in substance as it is successful internationally, and that is active in various markets with an innovative range of products and services. Rheinmetall is a leading international systems supplier in the defence industry and at the same time a driver of forward-looking technological and industrial innovations in the civilian markets. The focus on sustainability is an integral part of Rheinmetall’s strategy. The company aims to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2035.

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