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Intracom Defense to Develop Next-generation Power System for BARAK MX integrated Air & Missile Defense


Intracom Defense to Develop Next-generation Power System for BARAK MX integrated Air & Missile Defense

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BARAK MX System Integrated Air & Missile Defense System
BARAK MX System Integrated Air & Missile Defense System

Intracom Defense (IDE) signed a contract with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the development of an advanced Hybrid Energy & Climate Control System (HECCS) for the BARAK MX integrated Air & Missile Defense (AMD) platform. The system will provide a fully integrated but modular architecture, as a common energy supply solution for various launcher configurations and other elements of the BARAK MX AMD. This contract is a recognition of IDE’s leading technology and continuous investment in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced hybrid power solutions for demanding defense applications that address the shortcomings of conventional power systems. System development will take place at IDE’s R&D center, based in Athens, Greece, employing more than 200 highly skilled engineers in various disciplines, with prototype delivery scheduled for Q4 2024.

IDE Hybrid Electrical Power Systems (HEPS®) is a comprehensive product family of advanced hybrid power solutions, including Hybrid Generators, Hybridization Systems, Energy Storage Units, Vehicle Hybrid Auxiliary Power Systems (VHAPS) and customized integrated solutions for Tactical Power, C4ISR platforms, Air-Defense Systems, Weapon & EW systems, Radars, Deployable Infrastructure and Armored Vehicle platforms. It provides tactical superiority, resilient power supply, signature management, lifecycle cost reduction and environmental sustainability without compromising mission effectiveness, as cornerstone capabilities in the expanding network-centric and electrified battlespace.

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IDE Hybrid Electrical Power Systems (HEPS®)
IDE Hybrid Electrical Power Systems (HEPS®). (Photo by Intracom Defense )

IAI has completed development and is manufacturing the Barak MX system that broadens the Barak into a multi-layered air defense system employing unified smart launchers carrying Short, Medium, and Extended-Range interceptors. The Smart Launcher supports flexible deployment architecture for land and naval applications. Barak MX is loosely based on the original Barak 8 missile. Barak 8 was jointly developed by India’s Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Unlike air-to-air missiles converted to surface-to-air use, the BARAK MX interceptors were originally designed as surface-to-air missiles with an optimal size and diameter, which is larger than the airborne restricted air-to-air missiles. The BARAK MX system’s core are its 3 interceptors: BARAK ER (150Km Dual pulse rocket motor + Booster), BARAK LR (70Km Dual pulse rocket motor) and BARAK MR (35Km Single pulse rocket motor).

Intracom Defense (IDE) is a highly acclaimed Defense Systems Company in Greece with an outstanding record of participation in domestic programs and exports to quality-driven international customers. The company utilizes high-end technologies in the design and development of advanced products in the areas of Missile Electronics, Tactical IP Communications, C4I Systems, Surveillance, Hybrid Electric Power Systems, and Unmanned Systems. Utilizing advanced production capabilities, highly-skilled and experienced personnel and large-scale project management know-how, IDE is a key player in the high technology sector of the Hellenic Defense Industry. Through its participation in domestic and international defense programs, IDE has achieved high levels of local added value and supports the Hellenic industrial sector by allocating considerable contracts to local subcontractors.

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