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Voith Awarded Navantia Contract for Spanish Navy’s New Submarine Rescue Ship


Voith Awarded Navantia Contract for Spanish Navy’s New Submarine Rescue Ship

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Voith Awarded Navantia Contract for Spanish Navy’s New Submarine Rescue Ship
Voith Awarded Navantia Contract for Spanish Navy’s New Submarine Rescue Ship

Voith has secured an order from Navantia to supply the complete propulsion package for their new submarine rescue ship BAM IS (Buque de Acción Marítima de Intervención Subacuática/Underwater Intervention Maritime Action Vessel), contracted by the National Armament Directorate (Dirección General de Armamento y Material, DGAM) for the Spanish Navy, in which a total of two electric Voith Schneider Propellers (eVSP) and three Voith Inline Thrusters (VIT) with integrated permanent magnet electric motors from ELIN Motors – a subsidiary of Voith Turbo – will be used. The 90-meter-long ship is designed to carry out and support submarine deployments and is due to be delivered in 2026. The multifunctional and interdisciplinary tasks to be undertaken by the BAM IS will include diving missions and underwater operations, intervention and rescue assignments in the event of accidents, shipwreck search and location activities, and underwater surveillance, including the protection of sunken cultural and archeological artefacts.

“We are very proud that we have succeeded in meeting the extremely high requirements of the Spanish Navy to their utmost satisfaction and have been awarded the order. This is further proof of the competitive advantage that we have currently secured through the perfect combination of eVSP and VIT,” says Ricardo Rodriguez, Manager Sales & Customer Service Marine, Voith Turbo Spain.

“The extremely fast response time of the eVSP and VIT enables the Spanish Navy’s submarine rescue ship to perform at a high level at all times in providing accurate dynamic positioning and excellent maneuverability, which clearly surpasses that of comparable propulsion concepts,” emphasizes Michael Rommel, Head of Sales & Application Management at Voith.

The Spanish Navy’s decision in favor of the powerful eVSP and VIT combination was made on the basis of extensive CFD simulations and model tests, which were carried out in close cooperation with the Hydrodynamics Team at the Spanish state-owned shipbuilding company Navantia, and covered a wide range of criteria, from the ship’s resistance and the interaction between propeller and hull, through to dynamic positioning over a longer period. In particular, the superior performance of the eVSP combined with an optimised lower power requirement were the decisive selection criteria over all other drive concepts in enabling the DP system to overcome the challenging sea conditions. This clear result was once again confirmed to impressive effect by the tank tests carried out at INTA-CEHIPAR (former El Pardo Model Basin) facilities in Madrid.

In order for the BAM IS to be able to carry out its functional and interdisciplinary tasks in practice, it must have extremely precise positioning systems. State-of-the art drive technology provided by Voith is at the very heart of these systems: Two powerful eVSP 32X6/285 at the stern, supported by three VIT 2000-1650H at the bow, deliver the propulsion needed to keep the ship in the required position for long periods in demanding sea conditions. Both drive technologies use an integrated permanent magnet electric motor from ELIN Motors. In addition, the eVSP in particular has excellent hydroacoustics and it is expected to generate reduced noise emissions underwater. Further benefits of the eVSP include an integrated roll stabilization system, which provide a noticeable improvement both in comfort and in the working and operating conditions on board the vessel.

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