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Polish Army Troops Begin Training on Homar-K (K239 Chunmoo) Rocket Launcher


Polish Army Troops Begin Training on Homar-K (K239 Chunmoo) Rocket Launcher

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Polish Army Troops Begin Training on Homar-K (K239 Chunmoo) Rocket Launcher
Polish Army Troops Begin Training on Homar-K (K239 Chunmoo) Rocket Launcher

The Polish Army’s 18th Mechanized Division is currently undergoing rigorous training sessions with the newly acquired Homar-K missile launchers, marking a significant advancement in Poland’s military capabilities. Named after the Lobster (Homar in Polish), with the “K” in its designation stands for “Kolowy” translating to “Wheeled, this multiple launch rocket system boasts a formidable combination of the improved K239 Chunmoo launcher and the domestically produced Jelcz P883.57 8×8 truck chassis. The Jelcz P882.57 truck chassis, featuring a three-seater cabin, a robust four-axle system, and an 8×8 drive capability, provides the necessary mobility for the Homar-K system. Adapted from Jelcz’s C882.62 Jak tractor unit, renowned for its capacity to transport heavy tracked systems like Abrams and Leopard tanks, the Homar-K launcher promises versatility in various terrains, including both on-road and off-road environments.

The procurement of the Homar-K system aligns with Poland’s strategic military objectives, with 218 out of 290 units already ordered under the framework agreement established in 2022. This acquisition complements the ongoing integration of the M142 HIMARS system into the Polish Armed Forces, showcasing Poland’s commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities. Designed to meet specific Polish military requirements, the Homar-K system features the integration of the Polish-designed TOPAZ fire control system. It is equipped with the South Korean CGR080 239 mm guided rocket, produced locally under license, along with the CTM290 (Chunmoo Tactical Missile), a 600 mm short-range tactical ballistic missile with a range of 290 km.

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Polish Army's 18th Artillery Regiment Homar-K (K239 Chunmoo) Rocket Launcher
Polish Army’s 18th Mechanized Division Homar-K (K239 Chunmoo) Rocket Launcher. (Photo by 18 Dywizja Zmechanizowana)

The TOPAZ fire control system serves as a comprehensive management platform, enabling seamless coordination of various strike systems, communication networks, surveillance systems, and precision air strike controls. Hanwha Aerospace’s ongoing development efforts aim to incorporate the Polish 122 mm rocket into the Homar-K system, further enhancing its operational capabilities. Each Homar-K launcher has the capacity to house up to four missiles in a single container, with a total of eight missiles per launcher. The system offers compatibility with a range of effectors, including the Polish-made 122 mm unguided rockets and the US-Swedish GL-SDBs (Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System – Unitary).

The versatility of the Homar-K system lies in its ability to launch rockets with varying ranges, enabling strategic flexibility in diverse combat scenarios. Primarily designed for precision strikes deep within enemy territory, the Homar-K system targets critical enemy assets such as ammunition depots, troop concentrations, military vehicles, radar units, command centers, bridges, and airfields. The Homar-K system is not confined to precision strikes alone; it also proves effective against broader area targets and serves a vital role in countering and suppressing hostile artillery systems. This multifaceted functionality and adaptability make the Homar-K a formidable asset in Poland’s military arsenal, significantly enhancing both defensive and offensive capabilities. As Polish Army soldiers undergo intensive training on the Homar-K system, they are poised to wield this advanced weaponry with precision and effectiveness.

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