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US Army Selects Anduril and Palantir to Deliver TITAN Deep Sensing Capability for Long Range Fires


US Army Selects Anduril and Palantir to Deliver TITAN Deep Sensing Capability for Long Range Fires

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Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN)
Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN)

Anduril Industries announced today that the company is part of the team selected by the U.S. Army to develop and manufacture the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) ground station system, the Army’s next-generation deep-sensing capability. The industry-defining team, led by Palantir Technologies, is made up of the nation’s leading traditional and non-traditional contractors. Under the partnership, Anduril will spearhead hardware design, development, and scaled manufacturing across 10 TITAN vehicles. TITAN is a vehicle-mounted expeditionary ground station that will accelerate and simplify the Army’s ability to access and process massive volumes of Space, High Altitude, Aerial, and Terrestrial sensors to provide actionable targeting information for enhanced mission command and long range precision fires. TITAN will reduce sensor-to-shooter timelines by enhancing the automation of target recognition and geolocation from multiple sensors, updating the common intelligence picture that brings actionable targeting information to the tactical edge.

“Winning wars of the future is about software-defined, hardware-enabled capability. We have significant expertise in delivering flexible, modular, and expeditionary C4 solutions, and we are proud to partner with Palantir to deliver a highly capable, ruggedized, usable, and integrated solution that will enhance precision on the battlefield,” said Tom Keane, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Anduril. “TITAN is purpose-built for software and comes equipped with the required power, communications, cooling, and compute infrastructure to handle the most intense software workloads while optimizing for ease of operation. With extensive experience developing and manufacturing software-defined hardware systems for austere environments, we look forward to leveraging advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing approaches for the next tranche of vehicle systems, building on the techniques that enabled us to deliver the initial TITAN prototype in months. By leveraging commercial manufacturing best practices, as well as prior expertise delivering thousands of software-defined, hardware-enabled systems through full-rate production, Anduril stands ready to produce TITAN at scale.”

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TITAN ALPHA working concept vehicle
TITAN ALPHA working concept vehicle. (Photo by Palantir)

During the previous Competitive Prototyping Phase, Anduril spearheaded the design and manufacturing of a full working prototype vehicle. That prototype underwent rigorous testing during a five-month evaluation period to assess the system’s technical performance and usability across a series of test events replicating relevant operational scenarios. Those soldier touchpoints involved a combination of manned, overhead, and ground based ISR platforms spanning joint service technologies, validating system performance in fusing sensor data from disparate sources at the tactical edge. Anduril is part of a broader team made up of the nation’s best traditional and non-traditional contractors that share the Army’s imperative to build continuously evolving and innovative systems. By emphasizing openness, interoperability, and modularity, the team will deliver modern capabilities to the warfighter at rapid speeds. This best-in-class offering is scalable, adaptable, and designed for the needs of a rapidly evolving threat environment.

Anduril Industries, Inc. is an American defense technology company that specializes in advanced autonomous systems. It was founded in 2017 by inventor Palmer Luckey with investors and founders associated with Palantir and SpaceX. Anduril Industries is named for Andúril, the fictional sword of Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings. Translated from the novels’ constructed language Quenya, the name means Flame of the West. Anduril aims to sell the U.S. Department of Defense technology that Silicon Valley firms, including Alphabet, have eschewed due to their controversial military applications, including artificial intelligence and robotics. Anduril’s major products include unmanned aerial systems (UAS), counter-UAS (CUAS), semi-portable autonomous surveillance systems, and networked command and control software.

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