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Austal Civmec and Navantia Partner to Offer Tasman Class Corvette for Royal Australian Navy


Austal Civmec and Navantia Partner to Offer Tasman Class Corvette for Royal Australian Navy

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Tasman Class Corvette – a powerful Tier 2 combatant
Tasman Class Corvette – a powerful Tier 2 combatant

Austal, Civmec and Navantia Australia are proud to announce that they have partnered to offer the Australian Government a proposal to deliver six corvettes in recognition of the Navy’s urgent need for increased strike capability. Designed by Navantia, the corvette combines the manoeuvrability of a Tier 2 vessel, with the powerful weaponry of a major surface combatant. The corvettes require a smaller crew than larger ships, without compromising on integrated anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine, electronic and asymmetric warfare capabilities, including sovereign solutions such as the Saab Australian combat system and CEA Technologies radars. The three companies have been collaborating to develop a detailed proposal since November 2022. The proposal was first presented to the Commonwealth in response to the 2023 Defence Strategic Review (DSR) and the independent analysis of the Navy’s surface combatant fleet. The three companies are updating and expanding the proposal, now named the Tasman Class corvette. The corvettes would be constructed entirely in Henderson, Western Australia, with production able to start rapidly as work on the design is well advanced and based on an operational reference vessel.

“Together Austal, Civmec and Navantia Australia have a combined 58 years of local shipbuilding experience. Each partner brings a crucial component for delivering a project of this scale, with Navantia providing the design expertise, Austal the skilled workforce and Civmec the state-of-the-art facilities and experience in constructing the Arafura Class vessels. Together with Navantia’s demonstratable track record in transferring technology to build regional capability, this partnership will establish an integrated shipbuilding enterprise in Western Australia,” Mr Lozano said.

Austal chief executive officer, Mr Paddy Gregg said, “The corvette program will establish a genuine regional shipbuilding enterprise in Western Australia. Integrating the workforce, supply chain, facilities, systems and processes of the three partners will pave the path towards the consolidation of resources as recommended in the 2023 Defence Strategic Review. Austal recognises the strategic importance of a national shipbuilding capability, and we are excited by what this proposal would mean for continuous, sovereign shipbuilding, particularly in Western Australia. We have a long and close association with building ships on time and budget for the Royal Australian Navy, collaborating with the Department of the Defence, building ships based on third-party designs, and established relationships with valued supply chain partners. The Tasman Class pportunity is an extension of these relationships. Building Australia’s corvettes in Western Australia will establish both a genuine long-term shipbuilding enterprise at Henderson and the platform for continuous naval shipbuilding in the region – an enterprise that brings together the Commonwealth, regional shipbuilders, and their supply chains to establish a new warship construction hub.”

Austal CEO, Paddy Gregg, Navantia Australia Managing Director, Israel Lozano, and Civmec Executive Chairman, Jim Fitzpatrick stand before a model of the Tasman Class Corvette
Austal CEO, Paddy Gregg, Navantia Australia Managing Director, Israel Lozano, and Civmec Executive Chairman, Jim Fitzpatrick stand before a model of the Tasman Class Corvette. (Photo by Navantia Australia)

Civmec’s executive chairman, Mr Jim Fitzgerald, said “Civmec look forward to working together with Navantia and Austal to deliver six or more seaworthy corvettes on schedule and to budget. Civmec takes pride in our state-of-the-art, purpose-built ship construction, ship repair and maintenance facility we have built in Henderson. The facility can comfortably accommodate the proposed construction drumbeat of the corvettes in addition to our existing and future contracts. Civmec is committed to adding value to the Australian maritime landscape, and the Henderson facility is a testament to that commitment. Civmec is excited about the prospect of continuing to invest in infrastructure to support continuous naval shipbuilding in Henderson. We view this opportunity as one that will deliver both national and regional opportunities for Australian industry and deliver the best outcome for the Commonwealth and the Royal Australian Navy. Combined Civmec, Austal and the wider AMC Precinct have direct access to the skilled workforce required to support a program of this size, and together with Navantia’s technological expertise, will deliver locally built, internationally renowned naval ships,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

Austal is Australia’s global shipbuilder, defence prime contractor and maritime technology partner of choice, designing, constructing, and supporting revolutionary defence and commercial vessels for the world’s leading operators. Austal designs and builds frigate sized, multi-mission surface combatants, high speed military transport vessels and a range of patrol boats for customers worldwide.

Civmec is a multidisciplinary construction and engineering services provider to the Energy, Resources, Infrastructure, Marine and Defence sectors. Our expertise and broad range of services and capabilities has seen us play a key role the successful delivery of several major Infrastructure, Marine and Defence projects across Australia.

Navantia Australia designs, integrates, and supports naval maritime platforms and systems for the Royal Australian Navy. We are recognised as a Design Authority by the Commonwealth of Australia for the Canberra Class Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD) and Landing Craft, Hobart Class Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG) and Supply Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) Ships. At Navantia Australia, we are committed to growing our local workforce and links to the Australian Supply Chain to best support the growth of a truly Australian naval shipbuilding and sustainment industry.

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