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Netline Communications Technologies Unveils C-Guard Modular ManPack


Netline Communications Technologies Unveils C-Guard Modular ManPack

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Netline Communications Technologies Unveils C-Guard Modular ManPack
Netline Communications Technologies Unveils C-Guard Modular ManPack

Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. – a leading developer and manufacturer of high-end electronic warfare and spectrum dominance systems for defence forces and homeland security agencies – is to reveal the C-Guard Modular ManPack – an advanced modular system designed to deliver comprehensive protection against IED and drone threats, with multiple configurations, tailored to the customer needs and mission requirements. This pioneering solution is based on the building blocks of Netline’s combat-proven C-Guard series. The next-generation modular system addresses the evolving landscape of emerging threats, offering a comprehensive defence against IEDs and drones, all within a compact backpack.

Modular design for mission-specific requirements: The C-Guard Modular ManPack is a pioneering solution that allows the user a high degree of flexibility, thanks to five independent modules that can be easily configured to suit specific mission objectives. This unique new capability enables Netline to tailor a solution to each customer, while maintaining the protection abilities of the battle-proven, market-leading C-Guard family. The solution is also easily upgradeable to support emerging threats and new frequencies, and maintenance-free for optimal performance. The high-power C-Guard Modular ManPack offers continuous coverage, with both reactive and active (hybrid) protection.

Yallon Bahat, CEO of Netline, says “As a leading technology-based EW company, we identified the need for a solution that will encapsulate all Netline’s defensive technologies and capabilities in a single manpack. This new modular manpack is the next step in the field, and it’s the first time we see a modular version of a single operational system, without losing any of the coverage bands required to counter drones as well as IEDs. The war in Ukraine and in Israel has emphasised the need for drone detection and mitigation. We are witnessing the growing use of hostile drones each day, in numerous variations. There is a real need for a comprehensive yet compact solution to protect forces in the field. As a company whose technology stands at the forefront of fighting in the most up-to-date threat arena, we have developed a solution that provides full protection for mission success.”

The system is capable of operation under rough environmental conditions and is MIL-STD 810 certified. The Modular ManPack is based on more than 10 years of operational battle-proven reactive technology. Netline’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) core uses a real-time processing engine to counter the frequency range between 20-6000MHz. It determines which transmissions pose a threat to the force under protection, enabling flexibility and adaptability to various operational scenarios, arenas and new emerging threats. The C-Guard Reactive Modular ManPack consists of up to 5 independent replaceable modules that can cover different frequency bands. Replacement of the modules is extremely simple and can be carried out by the operating teams (O-level) with nearly zero system downtime.

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