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ANTONOV Company Obtained Membership in Aerospace Security and Defence (ASD)

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ANTONOV Company Obtained Membership in Aerospace Security and Defence (ASD)

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ANTONOV Company Obtained Membership in Aerospace Security and Defence (ASD)
ANTONOV Company Obtained Membership in Aerospace Security and Defence (ASD)

The ANTONOV Company has been granted individual membership in the Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD). The company are the first and the only Ukrainian company to join ASD. In future, participation in the Association’s activities will allow direct and close cooperation and discussion of issues related to the global aerospace industry. At the global level, ASD is a member of the International Organization for Aerospace Industry Associations. (ICCAIA). ICCAIA provides wide opportunities for the global aerospace industry manufacturers. This includes, for example, the development of international standards and regulations necessary for air transport safety. ICCAIA is also recognised by theInternational Civil Aviation Organisation ( ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization) with observer status.

Jan Pie, ASD Secretary General commented: “I warmly welcome Antonov as a new ASD member. Antonov’s brand is known worldwide and has an exceptional reputation for its extensive expertise in the global aeronautics community. Their membership of ASD marks an important step towards the integration of the Ukrainian aerospace industry in the European industrial ecosystem.”

“Individual membership in ASD is a new opportunity for us as a Ukrainian aviation company. The association is a union of major market players, which allows us to participate in industry events, breakout groups, and discussions in specialised areas: aviation, space, defence, etc. We are grateful for the trust of our European partners. I am confident that ANTONOV Company will strengthen ASD with its professional expertise”, – said Ievgen Gavrylov, Acting CEO of ANTONOV Company.

“Historically, it is ICAO that develops global aviation policy and standards, and our task is to implement it directly. The strong relationship between ICAO-ICCAIA-ASD-ANTONOV and coordinated work will allow us to directly shape the industry. It is important to take an active part in the work of the Association. One of the priorities on the agenda for ANTONOV Company is import substitution of certain components and assemblies for aircraft. Our inclusion in ASD working and sectoral groups will allow us to communicate directly with partner companies. We will be able to develop collective solutions, share experience and have joint projects in the aviation industry,” elaborated Viktor Avdeev, Deputy CEO for Operations and Administration of ANTONOV Company.

ASD brings together companies from different countries across Europe. ANTONOV Company’s membership in the Association will allow us to have closer connections with the companies that are our partners and contractors and with whom we have been cooperating in recent years.

Antonov Company ( formerly the Aeronautical Scientific-Technical Complex named after Antonov (Antonov ASTC)), and earlier the Antonov Design Bureau, for its chief designer, Oleg Antonov, is a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing and services company. Antonov’s particular expertise is in the fields of very large aeroplanes and aeroplanes using unprepared runways. Antonov (model prefix “An-“) has built a total of approximately 22,000 aircraft, and thousands of its planes are operating in the former Soviet Union and in developing countries.

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