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SMARTSHOOTER Awarded US Army Contract for Additional SMASH 2000L Fire Control Systems


SMARTSHOOTER Awarded US Army Contract for Additional SMASH 2000L Fire Control Systems

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SMARTSHOOTER Awarded US Army Contract for Additional SMASH 2000L Fire Control Systems
SMARTSHOOTER Awarded US Army Contract for Additional SMASH 2000L Fire Control Systems

SMARTSHOOTER, a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy and lethality of individual and Crew Served weapons, announced that its US subsidiary, SMARTSHOOTER Inc. was awarded a follow-on contract to supply additional SMASH 2000L fire control systems to the US Army, including spares. Systems from the first Army award are now deployed for the purpose of defeating drones. The addition of this contract will outfit more troops for the same critical need.At this year’s AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington DC, SMARTSHOOTER will showcase a new collaboration with Leonardo DRS and HDT Global. Together, they introduce the ‘SMASH Hunter WOLF’, an innovative unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) designed to support light infantry. This powerful robotic platform, with best-of-breed power offload, is able to integrate DRS’s tactical radar technologies and SMARTSHOOTER’s SMASH Hopper light remotely controlled weapon station, delivering an end-to-end solution for countering drones and shortening the sensor-to-shooter cycle.

HDT Global’s Hunter WOLF is a highly manoeuvrable hybrid electric UGV with an internal diesel / JP-8 genset, capable of offloading 15kW of power, is purpose-designed to support over 20 modular mission payloads. Equipped with DRS’s RPS-42 radar for long-range detection and tracking, it empowers the SMASH Hopper LRCWS to engage threats from a safe standoff distance. The SMASH Hopper high hit probability promises precise, swift, safe, and simple hard-kill elimination of the threat. Altogether, it provides the operating force with an end-to-end remotely controlled kill chain against drone threats. SMARTSHOOTER will also display the SMASH IWOO, the company’s latest system under development with the Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD). This Fire Control System has an x8 variable zoom with a built-in LRF reaching distances beyond 600 meters.

SMASH 2000L Fire Control Systems
The SMASH 2000L (3000) is the latest and most advanced fire control system by SMARTSHOOTER. (Photo by SMARTSHOOTER)

Michal Mor, SMARTSHOOTER CEO, stated: “Securing this follow-on contract is a testament to the proven effectiveness of our SMASH fire control systems within the US Army. Fielded and operationally deployed by friendly forces worldwide, these systems continue to redefine small arms capabilities. Our collaboration with DRS RADA and HDT Global further exemplifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive, tailored solutions that address the evolving landscape of defence challenges.”

SMASH is a weapon Fire Control System (FCS) equipped with an onboard computer to perform complex targeting solutions. Once the user identifies the target (independently or using the detection system guidance) and locks on it, SMASH tracks its movements and synchronises the shot release to ensure a fast and precise hit on the target. The SMASH Family of fire control systems uses Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, and advanced algorithms to ensure precise hit capabilities, enhance forces’ situational awareness and lethality, and reduce collateral damage. It enables the platoon to be smart, precise, and connected.

SMARTSHOOTER develops state-of-the-art Fire Control Systems for small arms that significantly increase weapon accuracy and lethality when engaging static and moving targets, on the ground and in the air, day and night. With proven “One Shot – One Hit” precision, our SMASH product line empowers defense and security forces by maximizing rifle effectiveness against enemy targets while minimizing friendly casualties and collateral damage. Based on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies, SMASH is also designed to interconnect with other operational resources to form a micro-tactical network that delivers real-time situational awareness. SMARTSHOOTER’s headquarters are based in Yagur, Israel, with a European subsidiary located in Düsseldorf, Germany, an American subsidiary in Maryland, and an Australian subsidiary in Canberra.

SMARTSHOOTER Awarded US Army Contract for Additional SMASH 2000L Fire Control Systems
HDT Global Hunter WOLF equipped with the DRS RADA’s radar and the SMASH Hopper.(Photo by SMARTSHOOTER)

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