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NVL Group Commences Construction of Bulgaria Navy’s Second MMPV

NVL Group Commences Construction of Bulgaria Navy's Second MMPV
NVL Group Commences Construction of Bulgaria Navy's Second MMPV

On June 22, 2023, NVL Group announced the commencement of the construction of the Bulgarian Navy’s second multipurpose modular patrol vessel (MMPV) with a traditional keel-laying ceremony. The event was attended by notable figures from the political sphere, Navy officials, local businesses, and the newly appointed Defense Minister, Todor Tagarev. The construction of these MMPVs, overseen by NVL Group in collaboration with various Bulgarian suppliers, is taking place at the MTG Dolphin facilities in Varna.

Designed based on NVL Group’s proven blueprint, these vessels are approximately 90 meters long and have a displacement of around 2,300 tons. Equipped with an integrated combat management system, they possess the capability to respond to threats from the air, land, and both above and below the sea surface. This makes them well-suited for missions within the NATO and EU international alliances. The construction of the second MMPV began in December of the previous year.

As the project progresses, both vessels will now undergo visible simultaneous work, adding an additional layer of complexity and excitement for all those involved in the design and construction process. During the ceremony, a customary tradition took place, wherein a brass plate with four coins representing the Bulgarian Navy, NVL Group, MTG Dolphin, and the event itself, was affixed to a wooden block and placed beneath the keel block. This age-old ritual is believed to bring good luck to both the ship and its future crew.

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