Saab’s 9LV Combat Management Systems
Saab’s 9LV Combat Management Systems

Saab Deutschland Opens New Facility for Its Product Unit Naval Systems in Bremen

Saab Deutschland plans to create a new facility for its Product Unit Naval Systems in the currently under construction SPURWERK complex in Bremen. The new location, measuring 1,680 square meters, will house more than 100 staff. In line with Saab Deutschland’s growth goal, the Bremen facility will act as a software development hub. The Wilhelmshaven site, as well as its project office, will continue to operate and expand. Saab Deutschland is currently outfitting four Brandenburg-class (F123) frigates with the sophisticated Combat Management System (9LV), which will be improved further.

“I am delighted that we are opening another facility for our marine sector in Bremen. This reflects the growing significance of Saab in Germany. Outside of Sweden, Germany is the largest market for Saab in Europe. We will continuously enhance our expertise to support the German Navy in this era of transformation with cutting-edge technology,” says Anders Sjöberg, CEO of Saab Deutschland GmbH.

Saab’s 9LV Combat Management Systems
Saab’s 9LV Combat Management Systems. (Photo by Saab)

Saab’s 9LV is one of the most advanced Combat Management Systems available in the market. The system has already equipped over 250 warships worldwide with the 9LV system. 9LV supports the three dimensions of naval warfare – air, surface and sub-surface, as well as the internal decision cycle. 9LV CMS is well adapted for a range of mission types at all levels of conflict, such as: Anti Access / Area Denial (AA/AD) operations, Protection and escort, Maritime patrol and response, Border control and interdiction, Peace support operations, Anti-piracy, SAR and
Environmental control.

Designed to cope with extremely heavy workloads and multiple tasking, the 9LV Combat Management System (CMS) delivers the means you need for carrying out missions successfully and all the way to completion. The system’s flexibility enables seamless integration with equipment and systems from other providers, minimizing risks. It supports all mission types from the littorals to the open sea and is a complete C4I for all types of naval platforms, including patrol vessels, frigates, larger vessels and/or submarines providing the command team with outstanding operational capabilities. Saab has already equipped over 250 warships worldwide with the 9LV system.

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