PRC-648 PLB COSPAS-SARSAT Personal Locator Beacon by Elbit System
PRC-648 PLB COSPAS-SARSAT Personal Locator Beacon by Elbit System

PRC-648 PLB COSPAS-SARSAT Personal Locator Beacon by Elbit System

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The PRC-648 PLB is an advanced COSPAS-SARSAT Beacon SAR Locator, intended for non-combat SAR missions and designed by Elbit Systems to provide ultra-reliable performance in severe environments. This uniquely feature-rich Personal Locator Beacon has an integral voice transceiver offering multichannel VHF/ UHF resources & embedded GPS receiver and is capable of immersion in water up to 10m (33 feet). The system is designed to provide ultra-reliable performance in severe environments. The triple beacon enables transmitting distress signals over the internationally recognized emergency frequencies, including the Cospas-Sarsat protocol, and complying with the requirements of C/S T.001 and T.007, as well as STANAG 7007.

The International Cospas-Sarsat Programme is a satellite-aided search and rescue (SAR) initiative. It is organized as a treaty-based, nonprofit, intergovernmental, humanitarian cooperative of 45 nations and agencies. It is dedicated to detecting and locating emergency locator radio beacons activated by persons, aircraft or vessels in distress, and forwarding this alert information to authorities that can take action for rescue. Member countries operate a constellation of around 66 satellites orbiting the Earth which carry radio receivers capable of locating an emergency beacon anywhere on Earth transmitting on the Cospas-Sarsat frequency of 406 MHz. Distress alerts are forwarded to over 200 countries and territories at no cost to beacon owners or the receiving government agencies.

PRC-648 PLB COSPAS-SARSAT Variants and Accessories. (Photo by Elbit Systems)


  • Advanced OTH Cospas-Sarsat Personal Locator Beacon, for use in fighter aircrew flight vests, for non-combat rescue operations
  • Can be integrated into helicopter, transport, and fighter aircraft survival kits
  • Exceptionally long battery life
  • Complete Built-In Test (BIT) function
  • Non-rechargeable lithium battery can be field replaced in less than two minutes
  • Compact, low weight, highly reliable system


  • Primary Mission: Non-Combat SAR Personal Locator Beacon
  • Beacon Frequencies: 121.5 and 243 MHz (training frequencies are available)
  • COSPAS-SARSAT Beacon: 406.025 ÷ 406.100 MHz
  • Voice Communication Channel: 121.5, 243, 282.8 MHz
  • MTBF: >3,500 hours
  • Water Immersion: 10 m (33 feet)
  • Activation: Automatic + Manual
PRC-648 PLB COSPAS-SARSAT Personal Locator Beacon. (Photo by Elbit Systems)