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Swedish Armed Forces Launch Largest Military Exercise in Over 25 Years


Swedish Armed Forces Launch Largest Military Exercise in Over 25 Years

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Swedish Armed Forces Launch Largest Military Exercise in Over 25 Years
Swedish Armed Forces Launch Largest Military Exercise in Over 25 Years

To enhance the Swedish Armed Forces’ military capability, defence exercise Aurora 23 will be conducted in April and May 2023. Aurora 23 is an exercise in which all service branches and other armed forces will participate, and which will reinforce the collected capability to counter an armed attack on Sweden. The principal responsibility of the Swedish Armed Forces is to defend Sweden and Swedish interests, our rights and our democracy. Excercises is a good way to enhance, signal and put our military capabilities to the test. Thus, conducting extensive and advanced exercises is key to creating a stronger defence.

For the most part, air exercises will be conducted in southern Sweden, day and night from 24 April to 11 May. Flight hours for combat aircraft will be posted later on. Flights with combat aircraft, helicopters, transport and other aircraft will be carried out from several air bases and civil airports: Uppsala, Såtenäs, Malmen, Norrköping, Nyköping, Kalmar, Visby, Trollhättan, Råda, Hagshult and Ronneby. Moreover, air transports will be carried out from other bases and airports and flights with helicopters in connection with the army’s and the navy’s exercises elements. Uniformed personnel and land vehicles will circulate outside the bases and airports.

The US Marine Corps arrived in Sweden
On 18 April, the US Marine Corps arrived in Sweden. (Photo by Forsvarsmakten)

Main focus has been aimed at the first exercise feature, which is Host Nation Support (HNS), i.e. the ability to receive and support foreign units that will assist Sweden in case of a critical situation. The Swedish Armed Forces and the Road Safety and Transport Agency conducted transports across water, together with the US Marine Corps, in the town of Sveg on Tuesday. The exercise scenario is that the southern parts of Sweden are subjected to an armed attack, following sabotage and various influence operations.

Aurora 23 will be the largest national exercise of its kind in more than 25 years. More than 26 000 men and women are going to participate. The exercise will be conducted in the air, on the ground and at sea. Units all over Sweden will be involved. The exercise will primarily be noticed in southern Sweden and in and around Gotland. In order to conduct the exercise, participants will primarily use the Swedish Armed Forces’ own exercise areas and firing ranges, but activities will also be conducted on private land. In these areas, landowners and inhabitants will receive additional information.

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