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Turkish Defense Company Aselsan Unveils Nokta Air Defense (NHS) System


Turkish Defense Company Aselsan Unveils Nokta Air Defense (NHS) System

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Turkish Defense Company Aselsan Unveils Nokta Air Defense (NHS) System
Turkish Defense Company Aselsan Unveils Nokta Air Defense (NHS) System

Turkish defense company Aselsan is unveiling Nokta Air Defense (NHS) System consisting of both missile and cannon components. The missiles seen in the NHS System are the land-launched version of the GOKDOGAN Oversight Air-Air Missile (BVRAAM) developed by TUBITAK-SAGE. SavunmaSanayiST reported that the system includes the GOKER 35mm Multi-Purpose Weapon System. The NHS System includes the AKR Fire Control Radar developed by ASELSAN with a range of 80 kilometers. In addition, around the 8×8 vehicle, which is the carrier element of the Nokta Air Defense System, there are AESA Radars that will perform target detection.

On the other hand, the vehicle in question has an ‘autonomous’ structure, just like the Autonomous H?SAR-A+. In other words, it can engage alone, without the need for any additional elements. The system is expected to have a maximum effective range of 30-40km against air elements with GOKDOGAN Missiles. NHS will also be able to engage in very low-altitude air targets, thanks to the air defense cannon it contains. With the NHS System, Turkey will have developed a system similar to the Russian Federation’s Pantsir Air Defense System. However, it can already be said that the NHS System will be more effective thanks to the radar systems it contains and the GOKDOGAN Missile.

Nokta Air Defense (NHS) System
Nokta Air Defense (NHS) System. (Photo by SavunmaSanayiST)

ASELSAN (Turkish: Aselsan, acronym: Askeri Elektronik Sanayi, Military Electronic Industries), Aselsan A.S., is a Turkish defense corporation headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. Its main operating area is research, development and manufacture of advanced military products for air, land and maritime forces. The company is one of the major contractors of Turkish Armed Forces. Aselsan was founded by the Turkish Army Foundation in 1975 after US’s decision to put an embargo on Turkey due to Cyprus Operation. ASELSAN designs, develops and manufactures modern electronic systems for military and industrial customers in Turkey and abroad.

ASELSAN designs systems suitable for the layered air defense concept are integrated with high performance sensor, command control, communication and fire control systems. ASELSAN started with the Stinger Joint Production Program about 30 years ago and continued with the Pedestal Mounted Stinger (KMS) project. ASELSAN, with its 25 years of experience in air defense, can use various caliber weapons, launch missiles and/or rockets within the scope of air defense projects such as KORKUT Self-Propelled Air Defense Weapon System, HISAR Low/Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile System, Long Range Area Air and Missile Defense Systems.

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