EC-37B Compass Call Electronic Warfare (EW)
EC-37B Compass Call Electronic Warfare (EW)

L3Harris Prepares EC-37B Compass Call Electronic Warfare (EW) for First Flight

L3Harris’ Waco, Texas aircraft modification center completed the integration of the U.S. Air Force’s newest electronic warfare aircraft and is preparing for delivery, including the initial coat of paint. The Compass Call Cross Deck team – L3Harris Technologies, BAE Systems and Gulfstream – is focused on delivering the EC-37B fleet to replace the retiring EC-130H electronic attack platform. Upcoming milestones include flight and mission system testing for the aircraft.

EC-37B Compass Call electronic warfare (EW) aircraft will use Gulfstream G550 Conformal Airborne Early Warning Aircraft (CAEW) airframe. It is the Department of Defense’s only long range, full-spectrum stand-off electronic warfare jamming platform. Compass Call disrupts enemy command and control communications, radar, and navigation systems to restrict battlespace coordination. It suppresses air defenses by preventing the transmission of essential information between adversaries, their weapon systems, and control networks.

The US Air Force’s future EC-37B Compass Call special mission aircraft, based on a Gulfstream G550 business jet, is being prepared for its first flight by L3Harris. (Photo by L3Harris)

The company aircraft modification centers offer a one-stop solution for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, aircraft engineering, complex system integration, aircraft modification, flight testing and certification, Contractor Logistics Support and electronic warfare platform solutions and services on diverse military and civil aircraft platforms for customers around the globe. The company has decades of experience in platform overhaul, conversion, missionization and mission system development.

L3Harris also manages the only privately-operated airborne mission system test ranges in the United States. It is staffed by experienced aerospace engineers who provide testing and validation of complex mission systems, including signals, communications and electronic intelligence; radar warning receiver and electronic countermeasures testing; and radar threat simulation from multiple emitters proprietary to L3Harris.