ShinMaywa US-2 Amphibious Aircraft
ShinMaywa US-2 Amphibious Aircraft

Aeralis Announces Digital Engineering Contract with Japanese Aircraft Manufacturer Shinmaywa

Innovative British Military fast-jet company AERALIS has today announced a partnership with Japanese aircraft manufacturers, ShinMaywa. Signed at DSEI Japan, the two companies will work together to establish best practice in the implementation of Digital Engineering processes for aircraft design and manufacturing. Best known for the US-2 Flying Boat produced for Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force, ShinMaywa has extensive aerostructures experience and is looking at the potential of introducing full Digital Engineering processes. Initial work is scheduled to start this month (March 2023), and will seek to establish how Digital Engineering can enhance ShinMaywa’s aircraft and AeroSystems business.

“Today’s signing between AERALIS and ShinMaywa represents a significant step in the future of aviation design and international collaboration. We are incredibly proud of the pioneering work that AERALIS is doing in this space, and to work with such a distinguished company in the aerospace industry is a testament to this. I look forward to working with ShinMaywa and to identifying the benefits of a digital engineering approach to future programmes.,” AERALIS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tristan Crawford said.

Tristan Crawford, CEO of AERALIS with Katsuo Tanaka-san, President Aircraft Division at ShinMaywa
Tristan Crawford, CEO of AERALIS with Katsuo Tanaka-san, President Aircraft Division at ShinMaywa. (Photo by AERALIS)

“Application of digital transformation is crucial in the future aircraft manufacturing. This collaboration is the first step towards future programmes and it contributes to enforcement of our aircraft manufacturing business,” Mr Katsuo Tanaka, President Aircraft Division at ShinMaywa said.

“I am delighted that ShinMaywa and AERALIS have agreed to collaborate on the implementation of Digital Engineering in aircraft design and manufacturing. This is another example of the growing relationship between Japanese and British defence industries,” HE Julia Longbottom CMG, British Ambassador to Japan said.

This partnership follows on from the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) December 2022 announcement of a £9 million contract with AERALIS, that also seeks to learn from their pioneering approach to digital aircraft design, engineering and manufacturing. In December 2022 the MOD also announced a collaboration between the two nations, confirming they will work together on the Global Combat Air Programme, bringing together their respective expertise on next generation fighter jet technology. Experts from each company will be embedded in the process to support a free and open exchange of knowledge.

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