MD 530F+ Cayuse Warrior Plus scout/attack helicopter
MD 530F+ Cayuse Warrior Plus scout/attack helicopter

MD Helicopters Awarded Contract to Deliver Cayuse Warrior Plus Helicopters to Nigerian Army

MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH) is pleased to announce that they are ramping up production line capabilities and increasing staffing to accommodate additional sales orders. This includes 12 MD 530F+ Cayuse Warrior Plus scout/attack helicopters awarded by the Nigerian Army to assist in counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations in Nigeria. To support production, MDH restructured its production facility and has planned a staff increase of over 120 employees. These efforts will also support additional, large aircraft orders and strategic customer engagement opportunities.

The MD 530 Cayuse Warrior Plus is a derivative of the original OH-6 Cayuse light observation helicopter. The MD 530 Cayuse Warrior Plus is a combat proven tactical scout and light attack aircraft valued for its unmatched power, safety, speed, agility, and unparalleled confined area capabilities. Mission enhancements include sensors, weapons system, avionics improvements, armor, and increased power performance. The aircraft will be used for area security, tactical reconnaissance convoy escort, and drug interdiction missions in Nigeria. The Nigerian selection includes a complete ILS package, spares, pilot and maintainer training, and Flight Training Device (FTD).

Lebanese Air Force Takes Delivery of Six MD-530F+ Light Attack Helicopters
Lebanese Air Force MD-530F+ Cayuse Warrior Plus scout/attack helicopters

“We are grateful for the trust of the Nigerian government, and are pleased to showcase our purpose-built, light attack aircraft solution to Nigeria and the world. MD Helicopters has streamlined our production processes to directly address the current and planned increase of aircraft orders,” says Brad Pedersen, President and CEO at MD Helicopters.

The MD 530F Cayuse Warrior Plus helicopter is armed with FN HMP400 LCC coaxial airborne weapon system developed by FN Herstal. The machine gun pod features .50cal FN M3P machine gun. Its weapon system supports all types of 12.7mm x 99mm Nato ammunition rounds. FN HMP400 has a fully loaded weight of 138kg and ammunition storage capacity of 400 rounds. The weapon system can fire at a rate of around 1,100 rounds a minute. The MD 530F+ is armed with advanced precision kill weapon system (APKWS) missiles for enhanced combat capabilities. The helicopter can also be attached with Mace Aviation-developed Extended Range Weapons Wing, which has four weapons stations and a 35gal internal fuel tank.

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