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Spanish Defense Company ARQUIMEA Unveils Its Q-SLAM-40 Loitering System


Spanish Defense Company ARQUIMEA Unveils Its Q-SLAM-40 Loitering System

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Spanish Defense Company ARQUIMEA Unveils Its Q-SLAM-40 Loitering System
Spanish Defense Company ARQUIMEA Unveils Its Q-SLAM-40 Loitering System

ARQUIMEA, a technology company that operates globally in highly demanding sectors with more than 17 years of experience, shows for the first time at IDEX 2023, its complete loitering system Q-SLAM-40, to improve the capabilities and security of the Armed Forces. Q-SLAM-40 is a loitering system for safely and efficiently performing short-range missions. This system designed and manufactured entirely by ARQUIMEA is a loitering system manufactured in Europe unique in the market. An effective and flexible solution already available, which can be adapted to the needs of the client. The company shows at IDEX for the first time the complete system consisting of the marauding platform, the launcher and the ground station with the communications and control system.

Q-SLAM-40 system is a cost-effective, flexible, robust and durable system that can be easily carried by a team of two soldiers in lightweight backpacks. The system is deployed anywhere needed in less than 5 minutes, ensuring fast reaction time. Q-SLAM-40 loitering system can carry on different types of operations, from protection or surveillance to reconnaissance and target acquisition. The pilot can control de platform and abort the mission or redirect it safely if necessary. The Q-SLAM-40 can be easily transported by two soldiers. It can also be integrated into other platforms such as vehicles or boats. It consists of a pneumatic launcher, an aerial platform and a ground control station that includes an antenna and a rugged tablet, to control the system and flight parameters.

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ARQUIMEA Q-SLAM-40 Loitering System
Q-SLAM-40 Loitering System. (Photo by ARQUIMEA)

Q-SLAM-40 has a wide range of automated or piloted flight modes.
Its small size and quiet electronic motor make it very difficult to detect, recognize and track even at close ranges.
The tube-pneumatic launcher has a low thermal and acoustic signature, enabling several launches.
Q-SLAM-40 is fully operable in a GPS-denied environment in piloted flight mode.
Multidirectional maneuvering capacity, the pilot can easily adapt the direction according to mission needs.
The aerial platform airframe is made by a folding wing structure for quick and easy transportation and deployment.
The system includes advanced airborne guidance, navigation systems and payloads control.
It is a fully integrated system with high-speed, digital, encrypted and bidirectional data link.

In addition, ARQUIMEA also presents its information systems for mortars and artillery: TECHFIRE and BC-LITE, its electronic targeting system for mortars: eCOMPASS, its mortar fire counter device: mCOUNTER and its surveillance drone shaped like a bird of prey: SHEPHERD-MIL ADVANCED in addition to its manufacturing, integration and testing capabilities of ground support equipment and tooling for the main aeronautical companies. During IDEX, the technology company also highlights its capabilities in the space sector. After the recent acquisition of IberEspacio. ARQUIMEA reinforces its presence as a reference supplier of products and technologies present throughout the space value chain, and completes its development and production capabilities, to meet the growing global demand for satellites, systems, and components for space. The company has state-of-the-art capabilities and facilities for the design and manufacture of small satellites, optical and thermal systems, as well as critical components such as chips and retention and release mechanisms and actuators.

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