ASELSAN’s GÖKER 35mm Multi-Mission Weapon System to Enter Service
ASELSAN’s GÖKER 35mm Multi-Mission Weapon System to Enter Service

ASELSAN’s GÖKER 35mm Multi-Mission Weapon System to Enter Service

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According to information published by ASELSAN on December 7, 2022, the GÖKER 35mm Multi-Mission Weapon System developed for air and ground defense is ready for duty. The weapon system is a project entirely funded by ASELSAN‘s own resources. The GÖKER weapon system conducted numerous test shots at the MSB Firing, Test Evaluation Group Command (ATDGK) firing range in Konya, Karapinar in September, and October 2021. Shots were fired against both air and ground targets as part of these tests, and the system’s efficiency was optimized. The system, whose design and production processes were completed in 2021, was first displayed at the Istanbul International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF), and promotional activities were carried out.

GÖKER 35mm Multi-Mission Weapon System

The GÖKER is a 35mm Single Barrel Weapon System designed to meet the up-to-date very low altitude air (Small-Mini UAVs, helicopters) and ground defense needs, to be deployed in fixed facilities and border areas. Owing to usage of 35mm AIR BURST AMMUNITION. (ATOM). The weapon system is highly efficient against to very low altitude air targets (Small-Mini UAVs, helicopters) and land targets. The GÖKER offers a comprehensive and cost effective system solution thanks to its independent electro-optic surveillance system, remote command capability, Linkless Ammunition Feeding Mechanism and flexible sensor integration infrastructure. The GÖKER weapon system, which works in conjunction with the Mobile Mast Mounted EO/IR sensor system and the ASELSAN IHTAR Anti-Drone system.

ATOM 35mm Air Burst Ammunition

The GÖKER weapon system is effective for up to 4 kilometers against air targets and up to 5 kilometers against ground targets, with an operational capability ranging from -35 to +95 degrees on the main axis and 360 degrees on the lateral axis. The cannons fire can use a variety of ammunition including armor-piercing, training rounds, and high-explosive incendiary (HEI) ammunition, in addition to 35×228 mm Aselsan ATOM 35mm airburst round ammunition. The GÖKER with a firing rate of 60-550 rounds per minute. In order to have a structure resistant to the possibility of being targeted, the weapon system also has level II armor protection according to STANAG4569 NATO Logistic and Light Armored Vehicles Protection level standard.

MUGAS Mast Mounted Security System

The IHTAR Mini/Micro UAV Air Defense System consists of Radar and Electro-Optical sensor which are used for detection, tracking and classification of the threats. Command and Control system integrates and controls all these subsystems. While integrated RF Countermeasure could be used for jamming, GÖKER co-operate with IHTAR to offer hard-kill solutions. The MUGAS Mast Mounted Security System is a mobile security and surveillance system including high-tech electronic subsystems and the security management software. MÜGAS is developed to ensure the limited period surveillance and security needs of troops through detection, identification and tracking of potential threats independent of location and infrastructure installation.