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Galvion Introduces New Nerv Centr SoloPack II Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

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Galvion Introduces New Nerv Centr SoloPack II Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

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Galvion Introduces New Nerv Centr SoloPack II Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Galvion Introduces New Nerv Centr SoloPack II Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

Galvion, a world leader in the design and manufacture of integrated, soldier-worn power and data management solutions, with operationally proven pedigree in NATO countries, has expanded its Nerv Centr® power provision capability with the introduction of its new SoloPack™ II Lithium ion rechargeable battery. Operations today depend on more charged equipment than ever before, and the complexity of sustaining soldiers on the battlefield expands and shifts with every new technology. Radios, NVGs, GPS, smart phones, laptops, drones, and other surveillance equipment all demand significant power, and the ability to manage that power effectively is mission-critical. Galvion’s new SoloPack II builds on the widely adopted and field-proven functionality of the original SoloPack battery, while offering a number of additional features to further support the modern soldier.

Small, lightweight and energy-dense, the next-generation SoloPack II offers 140Wh of energy, (40% more power storage capacity than SoloPack), while maintaining the familiar, soldier-centric form factor users expect from the Nerv Centr suite of products. SoloPack II fits into a magazine pouch for ease of storage and weighs only 1.65lbs (750 grams). A flexible flying lead connects in any orientation, and the next-generation NettWarrior connector allows faster charging and additional current flow, while remaining backwards compatible with standard US NettWarrior and NATO STANAG 4695 for ease of integration and improved logistic sustainability on the battlefield. The SoloPack II has state-of-charge display for real-time remaining capacity at the press of a button, convenient bottom contact charging and can be recharged while in-flight and connected to Galvion’s Squad Power Manager™ (SPM) which is certified safe-to-fly.

Galvion Introduces New Nerv Centr SoloPack II Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Galvion introduces new Nerv Centr SoloPack II lithium ion rechargeable battery at AUSA 2022. (Photo by Galvion)

The higher capacity SoloPack II is designed to support operational power needs for missions of up to 24 hours, while the original 98Wh SoloPack battery supports short-duration missions of up to 12 hours. With expected availability in early 2023, Galvion’s 140Wh SoloPack II rechargeable battery offers users an additional scalable power solution to suit any mission needs. Galvion designs, develops and delivers mission critical head, face and torso protective solutions, as well as power and data management systems and advanced solutions for military and tactical clients worldwide. Providing the highest levels of protection, durability, functionality, equipment compatibility and overall value, Galvion delivers a suite of protective and performance enhancing products with the capabilities, comfort and style that modern soldiers need today. The Company’s Armor and Active Systems divisions work independently as well as collaboratively to offer purpose-built solutions that enhance the lethality and survivability of the modern warfighter and other demanding end-users.

Revision Military began by providing the very best in protective eyewear to military and tactical users in 2002. Stemming from an initial contract to provide 120,000 sets of Sawfly® ballistic spectacles to the Canadian Department of National Defence, the Company grew to be the leading supplier of protective eyewear not only to the U.S. but globally to countries including Germany, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark, among many others. Strategic investments and acquisitions allowed Revision to expand its capabilities and move into adjacent head and torso protective markets. The broadening of Revision’s portfolio shifted the business focus away from eyewear. In September 2019, the Company sold the protective eyewear business along with the Revision Military name. Under its new name – GALVION – the Company will honour its history by continuing to deliver best-in-class protective solutions, maintaining its track record and reputation for excellence, and striving to be innovative problem solvers.

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