Lockheed Martin TPY-4 Radar
Lockheed Martin TPY-4 Radar

KONGSBERG and Lockheed Martin Sign Contract for Norwegian Radar Sensor (NORSE) Project

Today the Royal Norwegian Air Force selected the Lockheed Martin TPY-4 next generation ground-based air surveillance radar to enhance the country’s long-range surveillance capability. The radar can be adapted to new missions via simple software enhancements without any architectural or hardware changes. The TPY 4 radar can identify and track smaller threats at longer ranges than ever before. This multi-mission system will integrate seamlessly into existing air defence systems and can operate in contested environments. Norway’s TPY-4 radars will be integrated into Lockheed Martin’s active production line, making this a low risk option for the Norwegian Defence Material Agency. In March, the U.S. Air Force selected the TPY-4 radar system for its Three Dimensional Expeditionary Long Range Radar programme.

“The threats that air defence radar has to counter are increasing and enhanced operational requirements call for more capable radars, including detection of small targets at longer ranges, enhanced electronic protection measures and target tracking. The TPY-4 radar will provide the people of Norway with the confidence of 24/7/365 homeland security for decades to come,” Øyvind Kvalvik, Major General and NDMAHead of Acquisitions said.


“We are grateful to be selected to help protect the safety of Norwegians. The TPY-4 is a continued advancement of our 21st Century Security vision supporting joint all domain operations for the United States and its allies. Norway joins the US Air Force as our first NATO partners for the TPY-4 radar, and we look forward to offering this radar to solve evolving challenges of international partners,” Chandra Marshall, Lockheed Martin vice president of Radar and Sensor Systems said.

Lockheed Martin TPY-4 Radar
Lockheed Martin TPY-4 Radar

“Through this contract, we exploit current, existing technology, ensuring a solid base for this new capability to Norway. Investments like this also provides opportunities for technological developments in both existing and new areas. We look forward to working with our partner Lockheed Martin, utilising each other’s strengths, to deliver solutions for tomorrow’s needs,” says EVP Integrated Defence Systems, Kjetil Reiten Myhra

“Our strong relationship with Lockheed Martin exemplifies the importance of building durable and trusted partnerships to serve both national and international customers. Together we will deliver world-class products within radar technology to the Norwegian Armed Forces. This contract is not only important for us as a strategic partner for the Norwegian Armed Forces but also for our subcontractors in Norway,” Eirik Lie, president of KONGSBERG said.

Through this c. 900 MNOK contract, KONGSBERG will be a significant partner and subcontractor to Lockheed Martin for the deliveries to the Norwegian Radar Sensor (NORSE) project. The KONGSBERG scope of delivery includes hardware, software and final assembly and test of the TPY-4 radar systems before installation at the radar sites. In 2018 Lockheed Martin and KONGSBERG signed a Teaming Agreement for cooperation on the delivery of TPY-4 radars to international customers. Lockheed Martin leveraged an extensive Norwegian supplier-base for this radar system. In particular, the relationship with KONGSBERG Defense & Aerospace resulted in the production of the first TPY-4 which included the Platform Electronics SubSystem (PES) built by KONGSBERG, a critical element in the foundation of this next generation sensor that meets and exceeds current customer requirements for long-range surveillance. The TPY-4 radar has significant commonality with the US Army’s new Sentinel A4 radar, which will replace the Sentinel A3.

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