Rheinmetall Unveils Fuchs Evolution 6x6 Armoured Personel Carrier
Rheinmetall Unveils Fuchs Evolution 6x6 Armoured Personel Carrier

Rheinmetall Unveils Fuchs Evolution 6×6 Armoured Personel Carrier

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Rheinmetall’s all-new Fuchs is taking to new heights with massive power and mobility enhancements, more space and more payload. Fuchs Evolution is a profound next-gen redesign building on its predecessors’ combat-proven DNA recognised by armies around the world. The TPz Fuchs from Transportpanzer Fuchs is a German armoured personnel carrier originally developed by Daimler-Benz but manufactured and further developed by the now Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV). Fuchs was the second wheeled armoured vehicle to enter service with the Bundeswehr and it can be used for tasks including troop transport, engineer transport, bomb disposal, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical reconnaissance and electronic warfare.

Fuchs Evolution 6×6 Armoured Personel Carrier

The FUCHS A9 is the next evolution of Rheinmetall’s combat proven and reliable 6×6 FUCHS. It features a new improved powerpack, a modern digital electrical vehicle architecture and significantly improved characteristics in mobility, protection and payload. The “high roof” variant comes with an increased internal height of 1.60m and offers the largest possible interior volume to enable the integration of space demanding mission kits, like command posts or armoured ambulances. The FUCHS A9 upgrade solves all upcoming obsolescences of the aging FUCHS legacy fleet, currently under operation with nine international FUCHS user nations. This allows customers to keep up their FUCHS vehicle fleet operational until 2040 and beyond.

FUCHS Evolution 6×6 Armoured Personel Carrier

Key characteristics
New improved MTU powerpack and transfer case
Fully digital vehicle architecture, according NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA)
Digital on-board vehicle diagnosis system
Internal height of 1.60m
Increase of the interior volume to 12m3
Modernized drive train including ABS and CTIS

FUCHS Evolution 6×6 Armoured Personel Carrier

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) and its predecessors manufactured 1,236 Fuchs 1, mostly for the German Army. Further development of the design resulted in the Fuchs 2, first shown in 2001. In 2014, the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy confirmed that it had approved the transfer of production equipment to Algeria to enable this country to undertake production of the Fuchs 2. The baseline Fuchs 2 provides protection against small arms armour-piercing attack through a full 360°. To meet different threat levels the Fuchs 2 has been designed to be fitted with enhanced passive armour packages developed by IBD. These will be manufactured in Germany. The enhanced Fuchs 2 is currently in production, known customers include Algerian Army, Kuwait Army and the UAE.