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Russian Nuclear-powered Cruise Missile Submarine Krasnoyarsk (K-571) Conducts Sea Trials


Russian Nuclear-powered Cruise Missile Submarine Krasnoyarsk (K-571) Conducts Sea Trials

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Russian Nuclear-powered Cruise Missile Submarine Krasnoyarsk (K-571) Conducts Sea Trials
Russian Nuclear-powered Cruise Missile Submarine Krasnoyarsk (K-571) Conducts Sea Trials

The Russian Navy Yasen-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine Krasnoyarsk (K-571) is undergoing trials at sea. It is the third boat of the project Yasen-M. The submarine is named after the city of Krasnoyarsk. Considerable changes were made to the initial Yasen design. After that, the Krasnoyarsk submarine will undergo state tests where all of its weapons will be checked in practice. On 30 July 2021, Krasnoyarsk was rolled out of the construction hall and subsequently launched on the water. The submarine’s future commander Captain 2nd Rank Ivan Artyushin traditionally smashed a bottle against the ship’s board. In February 2022, Krasnoyarsk started the mooring trials. Sea trials started on 26 June

Differences in the project have appeared sufficient to consider it as a new upgraded version Yasen-M (Russian: ?????-?). The submarine project was developed in the Malachite Design Bureau in Saint Petersburg. The Russian navy declared that the submarine will be improved in comparison to Severodvinsk, the first of the class.[4] Compared to the first-of-class Severodvinsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk are some 40 feet (12 m) shorter, resulting in the deletion of a sonar array from the former’s bow. the intention was likely to reduce construction costs without meaningfully reducing the submarine’s capabilities. Krasnoyarsk will also include a nuclear reactor with a newly designed cooling system.

The Yasen-class nuclear submarines are presumed to be armed with land-attack cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine missiles including the P-800 Oniks SLCM, Kalibr family SLCM or 3M51 SLCM. Kalibr-PL has several variants including the 3M54K (terminal-supersonic) and 3M54K1 (subsonic) anti-ship, 91R1 anti-submarine, and the 3M14K land-attack variant. In the future, there will be also an option to install the hypersonic 3M22 Zircon cruise missiles on upgraded 855M boats. Each submarine can carry 32 Kalibr or 24 Oniks cruise missiles which are stored in eight (ten for 855M) vertical launchers (additional missiles may be carried in the torpedo room at the expense of torpedoes). It will also have ten 533 mm tubes, as well as mines and anti-submarine missiles such as the RPK-7.

Yasen-class submarines are the first to be equipped with a fourth-generation nuclear reactor. The reactor, built by Afrikantov OKBM, will allegedly have a 25-30-year core life and will not have to be refueled. Steam turbines are supplied by Kaluga Turbine Works.[53] The inclusion of new generation KTP-6 reactor on the Yasen-M boats is thought to significantly reduce their noise level: the reactor’s primary cooling loop facilitates natural circulation of water and thus doesn’t require continuous operation of the main circulation pumps, which are the key noise factor on a nuclear submarine. The Yasen class has a crew of 85 on project 885 and 64 on project 885M, suggesting a high degree of automation in the submarine’s different systems.

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