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Fincantieri Signs Memorandums of Understanding for Hellenic Navy Corvette Project


Fincantieri Signs Memorandums of Understanding for Hellenic Navy Corvette Project

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Qatari Emiri Navy Multi-role Air Defence Corvette Al Zubarah
Qatari Emiri Navy Multi-role Air Defence Corvette Al Zubarah

Fincantieri signed, at the Italian Embassy in Athens, a number of memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a selection of potential new suppliers in the context of the high-profile process pursued by the Hellenic Minister of National Defence for the construction of four corvettes and the provision of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and In Service Support (ISS). Fincantieri has among its clients several foreign navies and it is partner with some of the main European defense companies within supranational programs. The purpose of these MoUs is to set the basis for defining possible business relationships for specific supplies.

Indeed, the Group, who can rely on a wide selection of trusted suppliers and subcontractors, is continuously looking at enlarging and reinforcing its supplier’s panel and will establish a supply chain dedicated to naval activities within the development of these segments set out by Greece. Fincantieri has carried out scouting activities in Greece in order to identify suppliers to start potential collaborations with reference to the existent Greek program or any new naval vessels program, with the main goal of strengthen the Group’s cooperation with Hellenic companies.

Fincantieri is in negotiations with Greek Government for the purchase of Elefsis Shipyards. Fincantieri is offering 4 Al Zubarah-class corvettes to be built in Italy and Greece. Since 2016, Fincantieri is supporting Qatar’s programme for construction of QEN’s first Al Zubarah-class multi-role corvette. In August 2017, Qatar officially announced for the order of the four ships of the class after signing the contract in June 2016. They are able to operate high speed boats such as rigid-hulled inflatable boat with the help of lateral cranes and hauling ramps. All four of the Doha class will serve as the backbone of the Qatari Emiri Navy.

Al Zubarah-class is designed consistent with the RINAMIL rules. She will be a flexible type of ship capable of fulfilling a range of tasks, from surveillance with sea rescue capabilities to being a fighting vessel, being about 107 meters long, 14.70 meters wide, with a maximum speed of 28 knots. The unit will be provided with a combined diesel and diesel plant (CODAD) and will be able to accommodate 112 persons on board. Furthermore, the vessel will be capable of operating high-speed boats such as RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) through lateral cranes or a hauling ramp located at the far stern. The flight deck and hangar will be sized for hosting one NH90 helicopter.

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