Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV)
Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV)

BAE Systems Awarded $383 Million US Army Contract for Bradleys and MRLS Carriers

New contract to keep maintaining the U.S. Army’s fleet of Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Multiple Launch Rocket System carriers will help to ensure mission readiness. BAE Systems has received a five-year, $383 million contract from the U.S. Army to perform technical and sustainment support services for its fleet of Bradley Fighting Vehicles and M993 Multiple Launch Rocket System carriers. Under the contract, the BAE Systems System Technical Support (STS) and Sustainment System Technical Support (SSTS) teams will provide on-going engineering and logistics services to keep the family of Bradley Fighting Vehicles ready to support Soldiers’ missions.

The vehicles include the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and M7 Bradley Fire Support Team (BFIST) variants. The M993 Multiple Launch Rocket System carrier is part of the M270 MLRS, the U.S. Army’s tracked heavy launch platform for the MLRS Family of Munitions. Work on the Bradley Family of Vehicles and MLRS carriers will be performed at BAE Systems’ facilities in San Jose, California; Sterling Heights, Michigan; Phoenix, Arizona; and, other locations around the world.

M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is a multiple rocket launcher developed in the late 1970s, mounted on a M993 carrier vehicle frame.

“Equipping our men and women on the front lines with proven combat capabilities positions them to be unmatched in battle. We are proud to continue our partnership with the U.S. Army to ensure the Bradley and M993 MLRS are prepared to support mission readiness,” said Scott Davis, vice president of BAE Systems’ ground vehicles product line.

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) is a tracked armoured fighting vehicle platform of the United States developed by FMC Corporation and manufactured by BAE Systems Land & Armaments, formerly United Defense. It is named after U.S. General Omar Bradley. The Bradley is designed to transport infantry or scouts with armor protection, while providing covering fire to suppress enemy troops and armored vehicles. The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (M270 MLRS) is an American armored, self-propelled, multiple rocket launcher. The M993 is the designation of the M987 carrier when it is used in the MLRS. The M987/M993 is a lengthened derivative of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle chassis.