Rheinmetall Brings New L58 Extended Range Charge (ERC) Technology to US Army
Rheinmetall Brings New L58 Extended Range Charge (ERC) Technology to US Army

Rheinmetall Brings New L58 Extended Range Charge (ERC) Technology to US Army

Rheinmetall will supply its latest artillery propellant charge technology to the U.S. Army. American Rheinmetall Munitions Inc., located in Stafford, VA is on contract to prototype an artillery extended range charge (ERC) for firing munitions out of a L58 length 155mm artillery cannon. This ERC increases ranges achieved from U.S. Army 155mm munitions by approximately 10% over any other artillery propellant currently fielded today. American Rheinmetall Munitions’ charge is particularly exceptional because it can achieve the 10% range performance increase over the entirety of the operational temperature profile including in ambient scenarios.

It builds upon a successful cooperative R&D effort with the U.S. Army for L39 and L52 versions of the 155mm ERC. American Rheinmetall Munitions is a major supplier of innovative, next-generation weapons and ammunition in the U.S., drawing on a global portfolio of world-class munitions and armaments offered by Rheinmetall and its affiliates. The company has been producing and supplying high-performance practice and direct-fire service ammunition for American military and law enforcement customers for several decades and is rapidly expanding its U.S. technology offerings and manufacturing capabilities.


“American Rheinmetall Munitions continues to bring innovative technologies into the hands of our U.S. Joint Force. Together with our Rheinmetall affiliates at Nitrochemie, we will introduce a propellant technology that is unlike any other in existence in the U.S. today, providing U.S. Army Soldiers a decisive edge in deterring and defeating adversaries” said American Rheinmetall Munitions CEO, John Somich.

American Rheinmetall Munitions is part of the American Rheinmetall family of U.S. defense companies which includes American Rheinmetall Systems in Biddeford, ME, American Rheinmetall Vehicles in Sterling Heights, MI, and U.S. corporate parent American Rheinmetall Defense in Reston, VA. American Rheinmetall Munitions (ARM) is headquartered in Stafford, Virginia, with production facilities in Camden, Arkansas, and Windham, Maine. The company is part of Rheinmetall’s Weapon and Ammunition division and has been bringing the division’s global product portfolio to the U.S. market for decades. Rheinmetall specializes in large and medium caliber ammunition families and is a world leader in the field of long-range artillery, mortar and infantry systems.

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