ODU Announces Expanded Beam Performance of AMC Series T
ODU Announces Expanded Beam Performance of AMC Series T

ODU Announces Expanded Beam Performance of AMC Series T for Mobile Command Posts

Today’s global security challenges are subject to fundamentally new frameworks. The emergence of new risks and threats, as well as their management, continue to affect the global political security situation. Military systems must therefore be adaptable in all domains – land, sea, air, and in multi-domain operations, also known as cyberspace. Applications with integrated C4ISTAR systems, such as the aircraft, satellites, ships, and ground vehicles used by international forces, gather immense quantities of information. Processing, analysing, and transferring this data represents a growing challenge.

The Expanded Beam Performance version of the ODU AMC Series T is an advanced fibre-optic solution that ensures high-end transmission characteristics over a high number of mating cycles. Its excellent optical performance remains unchanged even when subjected to mechanical stress and harsh environmental conditions. This solution combines the advantages of a conventional expanded beam solution, such as insensitivity to dirt, scratching, and vibration, with the high-performance attenuation values of a physical contact (<0.3 dB). Compared to conventional expanded beam technologies, it allows three to four times the number of glass fibres to be integrated in the same space. Accordingly, the number of interfaces and overall footprint are reduced, while the transmission capacity is increased by a factor of four.

Expanded Beam Performance of AMC Series T for Mobile Command Posts

The synchronization, consolidation, and distribution of the collected data often takes place in specially equipped vehicles as well as container systems that can be quickly relocated. These systems allow the creation of infrastructure for emergency services within a very short time, even in the most remote regions. Mobile command posts or FOBs (forward operating bases) require scalable solutions with reliable data, signal, and power connections. Suppliers who can respond flexibly to this need are at an advantage. As a partner with more than 80 years of experience in the production of connection solutions and cable assemblies, ODU offers an interface that is easy to use, extremely robust, and scalable. It is specifically designed for users and manufacturers of military vehicles and their subsystems.

The new ODU AMC Series T offers numerous advantages thanks to its innovative 3-in-1 locking mechanism with separately sealed electrical and mechanical components. Depending on the connected subsystem, the user can select the appropriate locking variant (break-away, push-pull or thread-lock). The reliability and flexibility of these connector systems – combined with their weight savings, robustness and ease of handling – can be critical survival factors in extreme cases, as can the secure transmission of high data volumes. ODU has provided innovative application-specific connector solutions for more than 75 years.ODU is one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers, employing more than 1,850 people around the world. Along with standard products, ODU also provides customised connector solutions for a large number of applications. Additionally, at the customer’s request, the medium-sized company can provide complete cable assembly solutions.