Top Aces Crosses 100,000 Flight Hours of Accident-free Adversary Air Training
Top Aces Crosses 100,000 Flight Hours of Accident-free Adversary Air Training

Top Aces Crosses 100,000 Flight Hours of Accident-free Adversary Air Training

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Top Aces today confirmed that it had officially flown over 100,000 hours of accident-free adversary air (ADAIR) and close air support (CAS) training. Top Aces’ inaugural flight was on August 19th, 2005 when the company began training operations for the Royal Canadian Air Force operating a fleet of eight Dornier Alpha Jets. Today, Top Aces’ fleet has grown to more than 100 aircraft which have provided air combat training to Canada, the U.S., Germany, Australia and in support of other global allied forces. With plans to grow its footprint, expand its fleet, and deliver on the increasing global demand for near-peer adversary air support, Top Aces expects to reach its next 100,000 hours much quicker than the first.

Top Aces Lockheed Martin F-16A Aircraft

“We are all immensely proud to reach the 100,000-hour mark. It is a monumental milestone for Top Aces. It represents our uncompromising commitment to safety and excellence, which could only be achieved through the expertise and dedication of each and every Top Aces employee over the last 17 years. We are grateful for the collaboration and trust of our customers, as we introduce industry-leading solutions such as the F-16 and AESA-equipped fleets in the U.S. and Europe, to allow Top Aces to meet the rapidly evolving air combat training requirements,” said Paul Bouchard, CEO, Top Aces Inc.

Top Aces Dornier Alpha Jet Aircraft

On the week the company surpassed 100,000 hours, Top Aces was conducting numerous training missions across North America and Europe, including:
Alpha Jets and Lear 35s providing air combat and NORAD training support in Canada;
A-4 Skyhawks and Alpha Jets conducting ADAIR, Navy support and Air-to-Air gunnery training in Germany;
A-4 Skyhawk missions equipped with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar for another European customer;
F-16s providing ADAIR support for advanced tactical USAF training at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada; and
Blue Air Training delivering CAS training to U.S. and allied forces across multiple U.S. locations.

Top Aces Douglas A-4N Skyhawk Aircraft

Top Aces provides advanced adversary air (ADAIR) and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training to the world’s leading air forces. It has the largest fleet of commercially operated fighter aircraft in active service and is the first company in the world to acquire the supersonic F-16. Top Aces’ mission-critical training enhances the operational readiness of combat forces by providing real-world experience, while creating significant cost efficiencies and extending the lifecycle of military fleets. In March 2022, Top Aces and Blue Air Training (Blue Air) joined forces, providing military customers with access to Blue Air’s best-in-class JTAC training expertise, and the capabilities of Top Aces to exercise their pilots against the world’s most advanced fleet of contracted aggressor aircraft.

Top Aces Bombardier Learjet 35A Aircraft