BOXER Tracked and Wheeled Armored Vehicle
BOXER Tracked and Wheeled Armored Vehicle

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Presents Boxer Variants and Mission Modules at EUROSATORY 2022

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann presents the BOXER variants and Mission Modules for the first time at the EUROSATORY 2022 defence trade fair. Eurosatory is an international weaponry industry trade fair that is held every two years in the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris, France. In 2018 it gathered over 1,800 exhibitors and over 57,000 visitors. It is organized by COGES in partnership with the French Ministry of Defense. The exhibition is reserved for professionals only. KMW and NEXTER highlight their leading positions in battle tank systems under the umbrella of the holding company KNDS. KMW will also be demonstrating its systems house expertise with a variety of variants ranging from the wheeled bridge layer to the wheeled howitzer RCH 155.

Boxer RCT 30
Boxer RCT 30 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) Demonstrator/

The Boxer RCT30 is a technology demonstrator to demonstrate, market, and test the company’s preferred configuration for an IFV variant of the Boxer platform. The Boxer RCT30 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is a technology demonstrator used by KMW for the same purposes. The vehicle mounts the unmanned Rheinmetall RCT, the latest development of the turret fitted to the German Army’s PSM Puma IFV. The turret is installed on the forward part of the rear Boxer mission module and armed with the stabilised Orbital ATK Armament Systems 30 mm MK44 dual-feed cannon with option of a coaxial 7.62 mm MG. On top of this is the KMW FL 200 RCWS armed with a 12.7 mm MG that can be replaced by a 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm MG or a 40 mm AGL.

Boxer RCH 155 Self-Propelled Artillery System

The Boxer Leguan is a variant to meet the need to integrate the Leguan bridging system onto medium-sized vehicles. The 14 m bridge can handle military load class (MLC) 80 or 100, and the 22 m bridge MLC 50. The 14 and 22 m options are considered separate Mission Modules according to Artec’s 23 outlined examples. The Boxer Recovery is a repair and recovery mission module developed by KMW to provide Boxer users with a recovery and maintenance capability as well as an operational means to mount mission modules onto drive modules. The BOXER tracked is a tracked variant designed by KMW. Since the BOXER tracked is conceptually based on the modular system of the BOXER vehicle family, the drive module can be combined with all BOXER mission modules already introduced.

Boxer Leguan Bridging Module

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, a company belonging to the Franco-German defence technology group KNDS, is the market leader in Europe for heavily armoured wheel and tracked vehicles. At locations in Germany, Brazil, Greece, United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore and the USA, more than 4,000 employees develop, manufacture and support a comprehensive product portfolio. This ranges from air-transportable and heavily armoured wheeled vehicles (MUNGO, AMPV, DINGO, GFF4 and BOXER) to reconnaissance air defence and artillery systems (FENNEK, GEPARD, remote controlled howitzer 155, self-propelled howitzer 2000, DONAR* and AGM) to main battle tanks (LEOPARD 1 and 2), armoured infantry fighting vehicles (PUMA*) and bridge-laying systems. The armed forces of more than 50 countries around the world rely on KMW deployment systems.

Boxer Armoured Recovery Module (ARM)