ZALA Aero Lancet Kamikaze Drone
ZALA Aero Lancet Kamikaze Drone

Russian KUB and Lancet Kamikaze Drones Successfully Used in Ukraine

The Russian KUB and Lancet kamikaze drones are intensively employed in combat operations in Ukraine. The KUB and Lancet drones have proven their worth in combat conditions. Both drones are quite quick, quiet, easy to use, capable of covering a distance of tens of kilometers and feature high accuracy. The drones are basically used to strike remote ground targets. the state tech corporation Rostec told TASS on Wednesday that in particular, the Lancet is highly autonomous and carries an optical-electronic system that helps independently ferret out and destroy a target.

The Zala Lancet (Lantset) is a kamikaze drone developed by Zala Aero to take out targets on land, in the air and/or in water following the requirements of the Russian Armed Forces. The new weapon system has a maximum range of 40 kilometers and can carry out a precision strike autonomously. Besides, the drone has been designed to provide real-time video and imagery to the control station. The Lancet drones are being offered in two variants Zala Lancet 3 standard version capable of carrying a payload of 3 kg and Zala Lancet 1 lightweight version intended for reconnaissance missions. Both variants are powered by an electric motor with a two-blade propeller.

ZALA Aero KUB Kamikaze Drone

The Zala KUB (KUB-BLA or Cube) is a new loitering munition system developed and manufactured by Russian defence company Zala Aero based on the combat experience of Russian Armed Forces in Syria between 2015 and 2018. The military-grade drone can deliver a variety of weapon payloads with high precision during military operations based on manually set target coordinates or image-based target guidance payload. The wide triangular-winged unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is designed for hidden launch and silent operation during missions. It can attack ground and sea-based enemy infrastructure as well as lightly armoured targets.

ZALA Aero Group (also called A-Level Aerosystems) is a Russian company specialising in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development, located in Izhevsk, Russia. The company is a subsidiary of JSC Kalashnikov Concern. ZALA Aero has provided UAV systems for several sectors of the Russian government, including the Ministry of Defence, and has also won contracts to supply UAVs to foreign countries. The company’s in-house design and production projects include a variety of systems related to UAV design, manufacture and operation, including autopilots, airframes, mechanical and pneumatic catapults, launchers, payloads and communication technologies.