Saab Sirius Compact Sensor?
Saab Sirius Compact Sensor?

Saab Unveils Sirius Compact Lightweight Electronic Warfare Passive Sensors

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Saab unveils Sirius Compact – a lightweight electronic warfare passive sensor to meet surveillance challenges across all levels of tactical operations by locating threats while remaining undetected. Sirius Compact brings new capabilities thanks to its low size, weight and power, particularly in comparison to equivalent larger static solutions. Because it can easily be integrated to drones, vehicles, vessels, masts or man-portable applications, users can rapidly deploy the system and scale its coverage as the situation demands.

Development and production of Sirius Compact is shared between Saab in Sweden and Finland, in line with Saab’s strategy to further strengthen its domestic presence on selected markets outside of Sweden. Sirius Compact is modular, scalable and can be used stand-alone, in a network of sensors or as a complement to existing sensors. By enhancing situational awareness through silent detection, classification and prioritisation of radar and datalink emissions, it is also a force-multiplier enabling users to locate threats whilst remaining undetected. Autonomous operation enables assimilation and compilation of situational awareness information without the need to store sensitive data in the sensor.

Saab Sirius Compact Sensor?

Sirius Compact can be operated as a stand-alone unit or as part of a network with several sensors. Through own platform movement or interfacing to multiple sensors, for instance a swarm of drones; it is possible to determine the exact position of a signal through triangulation. It can provide early warning capabilities, typically supporting Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) with accurate target information. Sirius Compact is designed to operate autonomously and allow for assimilation and compilation of signal information providing situational awareness – without storing any sensitive data in the sensor. As a complementing resource to other active or passive sensors, Sirius Compact brings a powerful and comprehensive Electronic Warfare capability to the tactical arena

As a pioneer in Electronic Warfare, Saab’s philosophy has always been to invest in innovative technologies to help customers to detect, deceive and counter threats in the smartest possible ways. This way of thinking has resulted in world-leading and often game-changing active and passive sensors in every domain, constantly elevating Saab EW solutions to new, higher levels and continuously redefining what an EW system is. But that’s not all. Saab electronic warfare offer includes self-protection systems protecting aircraft, helicopters, land vehicles, naval vessels and submarines. The company also provide signals intelligence systems for passive interception and analysis of radar and communication signals, giving improved situational awareness from airborne, land based and naval platforms.

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