Denmark to Send M113 Armored Personnel Carriers and Weapons to Ukraine
Denmark to Send M113 Armored Personnel Carriers and Weapons to Ukraine

Denmark to Send M113G4-DK Armored Personnel Carriers and Weapons to Ukraine

Denmark is sending M113 armoured personnel carriers (APCs), anti-tank mines, and mortar shells to Ukraine. The three weapon systems are part of the 600 million DKK (€80.6 million) donation that Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen promised Ukraine last week during his visit to Kyiv. It is still unclear whether the Danish arms aid has left the country. According to DR News, since Frederiksen’s visit, the Danish Defence and especially the Army has been reviewing which weapon systems in stock could be of use in Ukraine.

For security reasons, neither the Danish Defence Command nor the defence ministry is willing to reveal when the Danish arms aid was expected to reach its destination. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Denmark provided 2,700 M72 LAW Light Antitank Weapons, 300 FIM-92 Stinger man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, and 25 Skywatch drones for reconnaissance and information gathering. Denmark will give €80.5 million to Ukraine to finance weapons and will also assist the country with mine clearance and rebuilding work. Last week, during a visit to Kyiv, the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced a budget of $87.6 million of weapons.

Royal Danish soldiers of Alpha Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, Guard Hussar Regiment operate M113 Armored Personnel Carriers while conducting cordon and search operations during exercise Combined Resolve III at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany. (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Shardesia Washington/Released)

The M113 armoured personnel carrier has been in use in the Danish defence arsenal since 1964 but has been modernised several times. According to the defence ministry’s website, the armoured personnel carrier have been fitted with more powerful engines, new interiors and stronger armour. Danish armoured personnel carriers are suitable for the kind of war likely to be fought in southern and eastern Ukraine. It’s a mobile battle, where personnel need to be protected as they are transported from points A to B through areas under fire. At the same time, it has some armament, as a heavy machine gun can be mounted on the PMV.

The M113G3 is a late 1990’s modification package for the M113A1/A2 by Germany’s Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH, and is in service with Denmark and Germany. Similar to the M113A3, the M113G3 received a more powerful 300hp 6-cylinder, 10.6 liter turbo-charged diesel-engine (MTU 6V 183 TC22 EURO II) coupled to a ZF LSG 1000 transmission (6F2R), improved suspension, improved steering and braking systems, and external fuel-tanks. The M113G4-DK may be equipped with the Diehl Active Vehicle Protection System (AVePS) to enhance protection against RPG and ATGM threats.

An M113 Armored Personnel Carrier with Danish Soldiers rolls through the sand as it comes into contact with opposing forces during part of the field training exercise at Saber Strike.(U.S. Army Europe photo by Spc. Joshua Leonard)