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Remus 300 Selected as US Navy Small Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Program of Record


Remus 300 Selected as US Navy Small Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Program of Record

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Remus 300 Small Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (SUUV)
Remus 300 Small Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (SUUV)

Global engineering and defense technologies provider HII (NYSE:HII) announced today its advanced unmanned underwater vehicle, REMUS 300, was selected as U.S. Navy’s next generation small UUV (SUUV) program of record. REMUS 300 technology was designed to advance distributed maritime operations by conducting critical underwater missions. The initial phase of the program includes the production and testing of REMUS 300 UUVs over the next year. The vehicle incorporates advanced modularity and open architecture into a compact, man-portable design. REMUS UUVs have been extending the capabilities of the warfighter since they were first used in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

The SUUV program, also called Lionfish, is the next generation Mk18 Mod 1 Swordfish program, which also utilizes HII’s REMUS technology. The selection follows a two-year rapid prototyping effort involving multiple user evaluations and spiral developments to refine the REMUS 300 design. The acquisition was facilitated by the Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit and their commercial solutions opening process via the other transaction authority.

“HII is proud of our longstanding partnership with the U.S. Navy and now, to lead in this important direction on behalf of our customer. This program demonstrates the value of our investment in autonomous and unmanned systems, and our customer familiarity. We are confident that these technologies will both support the Navy mission and enhance effectiveness for the all-domain force,” said Chris Kastner, president and CEO of HII. “.”

“I am very proud of our talented team and see this as an important milestone in supporting the Navy’s and allies’ unmanned strategy now and into the future. The REMUS 300 is the most advanced small UUV on the market and will provide capabilities that are essential to the Navy mission,” said Andy Green, executive vice president of HII and president of HII’s Mission Technologies division.

HII is a global engineering and defense technologies provider. With a 135-year history of trusted partnerships in advancing U.S. national security, HII delivers critical capabilities ranging from the most powerful and survivable naval ships ever built, to unmanned systems, ISR and AI/ML analytics. HII leads the industry in mission-driven solutions that support and enable a networked, all-domain force. Headquartered in Virginia, HII’s skilled workforce is 44,000 strong.

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