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Taiwan Company XDynamics Donates NT$1 Million in Drones to Ukrainian Armed Forces


Taiwan Company XDynamics Donates NT$1 Million in Drones to Ukrainian Armed Forces

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XDynamics Evolve 2 Drone
XDynamics Evolve 2 Drone

Taiwan News reported that a Taiwan-based company will donate 10 Evolve 2 drones worth a total of NT$1 million (US$35,000) to the Ukraine to support the country as it battles Russian armed forces. At a press conference, XDynamics Taiwan said the drones can reach a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour, can transport small loads of medical supplies, and are to be used for peacekeeping and delivering medical supplies, among other purposes. Ukrainian users of the drones will be able to obtain high-quality images at critical moments while providing humanitarian assistance. The drones were to be transported from the U.S. to Poland within one or two days from the press conference.

The Taiwan State Building Party (TSP) Secretary General Wang Hsing-huan said both Taiwan and Ukraine are defending democracy against totalitarian regimes, so they must stand together on the same front. Wang said drones are a powerful weapon in modern information warfare and are also useful for humanitarian missions. Many drones are made in China and alleged that Beijing cooperates with Moscow’s aim to disable some of the functions of camera drones sold in Ukraine, “threatening the survival of Ukrainians.” The Taiwan State Building Party has cooperated with XDynamics Taiwan to donate 10 of its camera drones to ensure the products will not be restricted or degraded and to keep information gathered from these devices from falling “into enemy hands.

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Taiwan Company XDynamics Donates NT$1 Million in Drones to Ukrainian Armed Forces
Taiwan company XDynamics Donates 10 Evolve 2 drones to Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukraine’s drones are wreaking havoc on the Russian Armed Forces. TB-2s belonging to the Ukrainian air force and navy in recent days have dismantled whole swathes of Russia’s front-line air-defense network and now relentlessly are smashing Russian tanks and supply trucks. Seemingly Ukrainian forces are also using converted grenades as a drone-dropped munition to engage the enemy. The ammunition in the video is partially similar to the RKG-3 hand grenade, but only the case of the grenade is still there Recently Ukrainian forces also utilising RKG-1600 drone-dropped munition to hit what are claimed to be Russian MRLS resupply vehicles.

Ukrainian Mayak Plant enterprise has developed a more professional approach to convert RKG-3 hand grenade into bomblet for drones – an unguided RKG-1600 ammunition. The sensitive fuze guarantees that the grenade will detonate if it impacts any target. The energy of the RKG-1600 hollow charge is able to penetrate the armored vehicle when attacking from above. The original RKG-3 used a basic shaped charge with a steel liner and had a penetration of 125 mm against Rolled Homogeneous Armor (RHA). The RKG-3M used a copper-lined shaped-charge warhead and had a penetration of 165 mm; the RKG-3T had an improved copper liner that had a penetration of 170 mm. The RKG-3EM has a larger warhead and boasts a penetration of 220 mm.

Ukrainian Forces Showed Their UAV with Airdropped Ammunition Attacks on Russian Armored Vehicle
Ukrainian Forces showed their drone with airdropped ammunition attacks on Russian armored vehicle.

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