TG Savunma TG40-BA Multi-grenade Launcher
TG Savunma TG40-BA Multi-grenade Launcher

Turkish Company Defense TG Savunma Reveals TG40-BA Multi-grenade Launcher

The Turkish defense industry, under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), continues to produce new domestic solutions developed by Turkish manufacturers. The TG40-BA multiple grenade launcher was developed by TG Savunma and its qualification tests were successfully completed. The latest example is the ready-for-duty 40 mm drum grenade launcher. The range of projects includes weapons developed based on feedback from security forces in the field as well as more advanced products, while research to address or detect new needs in the field of operation is also underway. Although intended primarily for offensive and defensive use with high-explosive rounds, with appropriate ammunition the launcher is suitable for anti-riot and other security operations.

The TG40-BA, which can fire more than one type of ammunition, will add strength to Turkish security units with its adjustable skid optical sight and effective fire. The spring-driven cylinder rotates automatically while firing, but it must be wound back up after every reloading. The types of ammunition that can be used with the 40 mm Drum Grenade Launcher include 40×46 mm low velocity and 40×51 mm medium velocity ammunition. The grenade launcher can shoot effectively up to 800 meters (2,625 feet) in the conflict zone with its adjustable SLED optical sight. It enables accurate and effective aiming with both ammunition groups by means of its adjustable sled optical sight mounted on the central cylinder with a picatinny rail on the drum.


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