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German Arms Manufacturer Rheinmetall Takes Over Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH (ZMS)


German Arms Manufacturer Rheinmetall Takes Over Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH (ZMS)

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On 18 November 2021 Rheinmetall AG of Düsseldorf took over the company Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH (ZMS). Located in Meckenbeuren on Lake Constance in southwest Germany, the company specializes in container and shelter solutions for crisis zones. It will now be integrated into the growing subsidiary Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH, in which the Group’s resources and capabilities for supplying services for armed forces and security services are bundled. The acquisition beefs up Rheinmetall’s portfolio in systematic fashion, enabling the Group to serve this key international market even more comprehensively. With some 90 employees and its own production facilities, ZMS brings to Rheinmetall engineering and integration expertise as well as longstanding experience in the sector, which will contribute materially to achieving growth in this important new field.

In line with a global trend, armed forces and other essential users are increasingly turning to service providers to supply support activities other than core military tasks. Experts assume that annual volume in this market segment comes to around €350 billion. Rheinmetall Project Solutions supplies armed forces and security organizations with services from a single source, including operational support, depot logistics and the disposal of unused ammunition. In doing so, the company draws not only Rheinmetall’s comprehensive range of products, but also builds on the Group’s longstanding experience in the field of operational and service support. The spectrum encompasses project management, engineering and design expertise, integrated logistic services, creating infrastructure, sensors surveillance and force protection systems, as well as providing specialized personnel – including in hazardous areas of operation.

Among the specialized company’s most important products are container and shelter solutions that are primarily used for mobile medical facilities in the civil sector as well as military command centres. These products and the accompanying expertise in integrating technical and medical equipment and expanded infrastructure are increasingly used worldwide when setting up and providing forward operating bases for deployed forces. ZMS’s container and shelter solutions create an operating environment in crisis-torn regions in all climate zones that would ordinarily be possible only with fixed infrastructure. Produced in accordance with individual customer requirements, customer-specific fabrication of these mobility solutions forms the basis of this steadily growing sector. The company’s product portfolio therefore fits in perfectly with the Rheinmetall Project Solutions business model.

In August 2021 the German Bundeswehr entered a framework agreement with Rheinmetall Project Solutions to furnish billets during deployed operations. The agreement was concluded with the Federal Office for Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Bundeswehr Services, or BAIUDBw. A trusted partner, Rheinmetall is one of three companies selected by the Bundeswehr to supply troop accommodation during deployed operations. In addition, the Bundeswehr has contracted with the company to furnish tethered balloons, also known as aerostats, for monitoring the perimeter of a forward operating base. Rheinmetall is eager to serve its customers as a one-stop shop for their complete range of needs. In this context, Rheinmetall can plan and furnish billets in forward operating bases; construct hardened facilities; take charge of surveillance and monitoring, including the deployment of state-of-the-art sensors and robotics; as well as operating the base, including provision of logistics support and staff. Finally, once the mission is complete, Rheinmetall takes charge of dismantling the facility. To expand its portfolio in this area, cooperation with other companies is planned, as are further acquisitions.

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