Antonov Company to Provide Strategic Airlift for NATO and EU During Next Five Years
Antonov Company to Provide Strategic Airlift for NATO and EU During Next Five Years

Antonov Company to Provide Strategic Airlift for NATO and EU During Next Five Years

Firstly for the long-term fruitful cooperation the contract with „NATO Support and Procurement Agency” (NSPA) concerning usage of AN-124-100 Ruslans of ANTONOV Company within Strategic Airlift International Solution (SALIS) program is signed for 5 years. This event confirms that NATO appreciated high level of services provided by ANTONOV Company and trusts in the Ukrainian partner. Ukraine and NATO have been cooperating under the SALIS program during
almost 16 years since January 2006. During this period, ANTONOV Company provides strategic airlift in the interests of NATO and EU. Two AN-124-100s are constantly in the customer’s disposal, additional airplanes are provided by request. Legendary AN-22 Antei and AN-225 Mriya are used to perform some missions by the program as well.

Representatives of all countries-participants of the SALIS program, Sergiy Bychkov, Director General of ANTONOV Company, Mykhaylo Kharchenko, Acting Deputy Director General of ANTONOV Company, Oleksandr Gritsenko and Andrii Chernyavskiy, Managing Directors of ALS took part in the meeting. An important part of ANTONOV’s participation was a statement “Transport and cargo aircraft efficiency – ANTONOV’s outlook” performed by Director General of the Company. He emphasized that ANTONOV’s airplanes have enough service lives to perform missions within the SALIS program during the next five years and told about the Company’s abilities to provide further extension of the aircraft service lives for more than 15 years.


The term of the proper contract was extended time-to time by two or three years. During long-term fruitful cooperation, countries of NATO and EU made sure that ANTONOV Company is a high-skilled and reliable partner. Following the meaningful negotiations between ANTONOV Company, Antonov Logistics SALIS GmbH and NSPA representatives, this year, for the first time, the contract has been signed by five years. Before the agreement signing the conference on the SALIS program execution was held on September 29-30, 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic. The meeting was organized by NSPA aiming to summarize results of the acting three-year contract between NSPA and “Antonov Logistics SALIS GmbH” (ALS) and ANTONOV Company as well as discuss signing of the new contract for five years.

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