Elbit Systems Adds Multi-Channel and Full-Duplex Capabilities to the E-LynX Family of Software Defined Radios
Elbit Systems Adds Multi-Channel and Full-Duplex Capabilities to the E-LynX Family of Software Defined Radios

Elbit Systems Adds Multi-Channel and Full-Duplex Capabilities to the E-LynX Tactical Radio

Elbit Systems adds multi-channel and full duplex technologies to its E-LynX™ family of Software Defined Radios (SDR), substantially increasing network throughputs, further empowering the Company’s SDR-based solution for multi-domain digital transformation. As of today, the E-LynX family of SDR is the preferred choice of several countries for their multi-domain digital transformation, including Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Brazil and Israel. Elbit Systems will deliver more than ten thousand multi-channel full-duplex E-LynX SDR systems under several of these programs.

The E-LynX family of mobile tactical radio solutions is designed to meet the wide-ranging and complex communication needs of the modern battlefield. Offering operational flexibility with multiple configuration options, the E-LynX combat-proven network solutions enable end-users at all echelons to seamlessly interconnect with all network resources using IP-based routing for reliable voice and data sessions at an extended range. Based on powerful, advanced software-defined radio (SDR) technology, the multi-band, multi-waveform tactical IP radios offer enhanced capabilities that enable simultaneous data and multiple voice sessions in both wideband and narrowband waveforms on a single RF infrastructure. Multi-hop mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) capabilities provide continuous IP connectivity with extended coverage. Unique concurrent flooding techniques provide a robust and stable network, with GPS-independent synchronization and no single point of failure.

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When using Radio systems with single or dual radio frequency channels, the ability of tactical users to transmit and receive information is dependent on channel availability, which limits the reach and network presence of the users. Elbit Systems new patented multi-channel technology enables simultaneous use of multiple radio frequencies for transmission and reception, utilizing one or more waveforms, providing all-time network availability and presence – a key factor in multi-domain operations. The multi-channel network capability improves the optimization of spectrum resource allocation and enhance the capability to execute concurrent missions while maintaining fast, resilient, secured, interoperable and immune communications in any terrain. Current tactical radio technologies allow access to the network for a single user to at a time. The new full-duplex technology enables tactical users to exchange information simultaneously and have dynamic conversations, accelerating the flow of information in the battlefield.

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