Ruselectronics Listva Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle
Ruselectronics Listva Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle

Ruselectronics Showcases Listva Remote Demining Vehicle to Foreign Experts

The Ruselectronics holding company (part of Rostec State Corporation) has demonstrated the Listva remote mine clearing vehicle to foreign experts at the ARMY-2021 forum. The vehicle, developed by the Kaskad Instrument Plant in Krasnodar, can be used for detection and disposal of planted explosive devices at up to 100 m using electromagnetic and induction emitters. During the forum, representatives of 10 foreign delegations assessed the Listva. Foreign delegations showed great interest in the microwave emitter, with the help of which the detected charges equipped with electronic elements are demined.

“Listva’s main designation is to detect of explosive mines and dispose sapper munitions and improvised explosive devices. The vehicle is capable of providing full protection for the following convoy, practically replacing an entire unit of sappers.”, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy of Rostec State Corporation, Viktor Kladov.

Russian Strategic Missile Forces (Foliage) 15M107 Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle

The radiation ‘burns’ the electronics of the explosive device, rendering it unusable. If a pressurized mine is found, the crew, which includes sappers, makes a decision on controlled detonation or disarming of the device. To neutralize improvised explosive devices that are activated using mobile phones, Listva is capable of emitting radio signals at frequencies typical of civilian electronics. The detonation of the explosive occurs at a safe distance when the mine enters the active zone of the vehicle’s emitter. Listva can be used as a forward demining vehicle in convoys of armored vehicles, combat engineers, or to ensure the safety of humanitarian convoys.

JSC Ruselectronics (Russian: ??????????????, romanized: Roselectronica), is a Russian state-owned holding company founded in 1997. It is fully owned by Rostec. Ruselectronics is responsible for the production of approximately 80 percent of all Russian electronics components. Ruselectronics provides semiconductor devices, photo detectors and light emitting elements, displays, emitters, microwave devices and vacuum tubes, electronic materials and structures, and electronic equipment and systems. Its products include diodes; AC and DC plasma display panels, and bar and digital displays, as well as plasma monitors for industrial applications; and co-based and nano alloys, and IR LED chips.