Boeing’s F-15E Mission Training Centers (MTC)
Boeing’s F-15E Mission Training Centers (MTC)

Boeing Awarded $9 Million Contract for F-15C/F-15E Mission Training Centers (MTC)

The Boeing Co., St. Louis, Missouri, was awarded a $9,987,543 modificationto previously awarded contract FA8621-21-C-0001 for F-15C and F-15E Mission Training Centers (MTC). These services will provide simulation capability to train F-15 pilots and system operators in high-fidelity training devices. The contract modification provides for updates to the F-15 MTC training systems in order to achieve training service objectives. Fiscal 2021 Air Force 3400 operation and maintenance funds in the amount of $9,987,543 were obligated at the time of award. The contracting activity is the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio.

The training center provides two high-fidelity, dual-cockpit F-15E simulators with a 360-degree visual system, a robust synthetic environment as well as instructor/operator and brief/debrief stations. The simulators, enhanced with a head-tracked area-of-interest display visual system, can be operated individually or linked to provide two- or four-ship training within the MTC. They also can be linked locally with two medium-fidelity F-15E Manned Combat Stations to allow local four-ship training. After a few months of operation, the MTC will join the Air Force’s Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) training network.

Boeing supports this training capability with several key products, including the Visual Integrated Display System, Manned Combat Stations and the Big Tac™ Combat Environment Server. Boeing also provides the key network elements to enable local networked and long-haul networked training. Lockheed Martin provides the instructor/operator station, the non-combatant natural environment system and electro optical/infrared imaging system along with the geographic databases. SAIC provides the brief/debrief station. Boeing has delivered and currently operates six Air Force F-15C MTCs around the globe and is the prime contractor for the F-15E and F-16 MTC contracts.

A pilot using an F-15E simulator — a major component of Boeing’s F-15E Mission Training Centers (MTC). (Photo: Boeing)