Boeing MH-47G Chinook Special Operations Helicopter
Boeing MH-47G Chinook Special Operations Helicopter

Boeing Awarded $18 Million Contract for MH-47G Chinook Block II Components and Parts

The Boeing Co., Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, was awarded an $18,372,000 firm-fixed-price type delivery order modification to an existing contract (W91215-16-G-0001) for the procurement of long-lead components and parts in support of the MH-47G Chinook Block II production program. Fiscal 2021 Army aircraft procurement funds in the amount of $18,372,000 are being obligated at the time of award. The majority of the work will be performed in Ridley Park. This delivery order is a noncompetitive award and is in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.302.1. U.S. Special Operations Command, Tampa, Florida, is the contracting activity.

The Boeing MH-47G is a special operations variant of the CH-47 Chinook multi-role, heavy-lift helicopter. The MH-47G is used in heavy-lift missions such as the transportation of troops, ammunition, vehicles, equipment, fuel and supplies, as well as civil and humanitarian relief missions. The helicopter can conduct long-range missions at low level, in adverse weather conditions during the day and at night. The helicopter can be fitted with special operations equipment such as a fast rope insertion extraction system (FRIES), a special patrol insertion and extraction system (SPIES), a rope ladder, an electrically powered rescue hoist and a personnel location system (PLS


The helicopter is armed with two M134 7.62mm electrically operated, air-cooled mini guns and two M240 7.62mm belt-fed machine guns mounted on either side of the fuselage at the forward and rear sections. The defensive aids aboard the rotorcraft include a common missile warning system (CMWS), an integrated radio frequency countermeasures suite, a laser warning system and XM216 dark flares. The helicopter is powered by two Honeywell T55-GA-714A engines, which develop a maximum power output of 3,529kW each. The engines are equipped with infrared (IR) exhaust suppressors to reduce the IR visibility of the helicopter.

Boeing MH-47G Chinook Special Operations Helicopter
U.S. Special Operations Command Boeing MH-47G Chinook Special Operations Helicopter

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