South Korea’s Hanwha Defense Pitches K9 Howitzer for British Army Mobile Fires Program

Hanwha Defense announced on June 3 that it has begun formal discussions with UK partners to arrange for a ‘Made in the UK’ variant of its K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer. The K9 is operationally proven and will be put forward by Hanwha Defense for the UK’s Mobile Fires Platform programme to equip the British Army with a world-leading artillery capability. Hanwha Defense intends to replicate the successful industry participation model used in India and Australia so that maximum value possible of the British Army’s K9s will be made in the UK.

Hanwha Defense is also committed to transferring related technology and know-how to the UK and will be enabling its UK partners to access a global market in excess of 600 vehicles. Talks are already underway with Lockheed Martin UK, Pearson Engineering, Horstman Defence Systems and Soucy Defense, along with other UK defence industry partners. As part of the MFP programme, Hanwha Defense will contribute across the UK to introduce specialist training and new skills for the long-term development, manufacture, maintenance and support of the British Army’s advanced version of K9.

Indian Army K9-VAJRA-T Self-Propelled Howtitzer

The K9 is currently in service with the ROK and armies around the world, including India, Norway, Finland and Estonia. In September 2020 the Australian Army selected the K9 as its preferred solution for the Protected Mobile Fires platform in its LAND 8116 programme, with a final contract due to be awarded in early 2022. Tests and evaluations for the newest version of K9, dubbed the K9A2, are already in full swing to increase the artillery’s key capabilities. The K9A2 development has been led by Hanwha Defense and the state-funded Agency for Defense Development.

The proposed British Army version will be fitted with advanced technologies, such as an unmanned turret, mine protection kits and composite rubber tracks. Building on the developing relationship between the UK and South Korea we are delighted to invite the UK to join the K9 global family Furthermore, an automated resupply capability will be introduced using Hanwha Defense’s robotic K10 Ammunition Resupply Vehicle. An Request for Proposal (RFP) for MFP is due to be released in 2022. Hanwha Defense will be revealing its team for this programme at DSEI and other shows between now and then.

Norwegian Army K9 Vidar Self-Propelled Howtitzer