The Kunigami-class patrol vessel is a class of 1,000 ton-class PL type patrol vessels of the Japan Coast Guard (JCG).
The Kunigami-class patrol vessel is a class of 1,000 ton-class PL type patrol vessels of the Japan Coast Guard (JCG).

Launching of Philippine Coast Guard ‘s First 94-meter Multi-Role-Response Vessels Expected in July

Mintfo reported that the launching of first of two ordered 94-meter Multi-Role Response Vessels (MRRV) from Japan is expected to be launched in July 2021. The construction of the new MRRVs under the development assistance of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The ceremony marks the commencement of the construction of the two additional MRRVs under the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project Phase II of JICA and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) amounting to 16.455 billion yen.

The Multi-Role-Response Vessels on order are vessels with length overall of approximately 94 meters. They also have a maximum speed of not less than 24 knots, and an endurance of not less than 4,000 nautical miles. The MRRV patrol vessels will reportedly be based on the 96 meters Kunigami-class (also known as Kunisaki-class) patrol ships being built for the Japanese Coast Guard. 18 units have been commissioned since 2012 with two more on order. The main contractor is Mitsubishi Shipbuilding.The vessels will be built at Shimonoseki Shipyard & Machinery Works for completion and delivery in 2022.

Contract Signing Ceremony
Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Signs Contract for Two Multi-Role Response Vessels (MRRVs) for Philippine Coast Guard

The newly agreed MRRVs will be provided as a project financed by the Japanese government. The program corresponds to Phase II of the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project concluded between the Republic of the Philippines and the Japanese government in October 2016. The project terms call for application of Japanese technology, notably the country’s prowess in shipbuilding. Going forward, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding will continue to build vessels for both domestic and overseas use that deliver superlative fuel efficiency and environmental performance and contribute to social and international safety and security.

The Japanese government through JICA provided the Philippines with ten 44-meter MRRVs to support the country’s maritime safety and security. Already, the government has used these vessels in COVID-19 response efforts such as transporting medicines and medical supplies, ferrying stranded tourists to their sweeper flights, and securing the cruise ships quarantined in Manila Bay. Aside from the construction of new MRRVs, JICA also organized shore-based and ship-based training for 45 PCG personnel on vessel maintenance, troubleshooting engine and equipment, machinery management, and safety at work.

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